Sunny Somerset

Today I drove my MP boss on day 3 of his annual village tour, which, over two weeks takes him to every village in the constituency. There are approx 150, not counting towns and hamlets. Today was in South Somerset, on the levels. We visited the gloriously named villages of Ash, Coat, Bower Hinton, Long Load, Drayton, Curry Rivel, Fivehead, Curry Mallet, Beercrocombe, Isle Abbots, Ilton and Isle Brewers. It is an exceptionally beautiful part of the world, and mostly you’re driving down narrow lanes with the sun dappling through the trees. Plus it was 28C so it was nice to be in an air conditioned car! I took a couple of pictures of my day:

The village shop and tea garden at Curry Mallet. I bought some fantastic local honey and two gorgeous loaves of homemade bread there.


Standing with my back to shop in Curry Mallet:


Crochet in the car at Beercrocombe:

20140725-214414-78254157.jpg I did take the blanket with me but it was too hot having it on my lap, so I switched to my current train project, a cotton bathmat.

The village green in Beercrocombe.


Crochet at Ilton. You can just see a gorgeous thatched farmhouse through the window:


And out last stop, a picture looking towards a beautiful old house in Isle Brewers. They had lots of garden produce for sale with an honesty jar! I got some runner beans and a courgette for £1.25.


Pattern Piracy Pledge


Can’t really say it better than Stiches n Scraps. I will be downloading the badge as soon as I work out how. ;)

Originally posted on Stitches 'n' Scraps:

PatternPiracyPatrolWe all know it’s wrong to walk into a store and steal a candybar, or to go into our neighbor’s garage and take their tools without permission. These are obvious examples of stealing, where we’re taking something of value that doesn’t belong to us.

Pattern piracy is much more insidious than that, and it happens all the time in lot of different ways. Just like the examples above though, it can result in real financial losses for the designers. In a lot of cases, the people who are doing it think they are being nice or helpful and don’t realize that they are doing anything wrong. Here are just a few examples:

  1. You buy a pattern, whether in a book or on line, make copies, and give them to your friends. This is obvious – your friends didn’t purchase the pattern, which means lost revenue for the person selling the pattern.
  2. You…

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16 rows to go!


While I was cranking out the rows Mollie was chilling…





Oh and I bought a swingball. Like you do.


Mollie when she realised the tennis ball was attached to something!


And the best meme I’ve seen on Facebook ever:

20140723-000724-444781.jpg Sorry I can’t give a credit as I couldn’t find one but if anyone knows it, just shout.


I suddenly thought about an hour ago how well my new sock yarn would go with the bright yellow Knitting Goddess kid mohair I bought last month. Ta-dah!


I will have to think about what to make with that.

The pansies are also yellow:


The sun going down in the garden:


And Flora & Ollie 💛


And yes, I am getting on with the blanket!

Finish It Challenge: 3 weeks in, is the end in sight?

It’s been a real pleasure over the last few weeks seeing people post pictures on the Finish It Challenge Ravelry group of their WIPs in progress and more recently pictures of the finished items.

One of the blankets that started this challenge, the long term WIP of Pia aka Stitches n Scraps, has turned into the most glorious blanket, which you can check out here. Really I did have to subdue the green eyed monster when I saw it – because it’s gorgeous but also because it’s finished!

It just goes to show, sometimes all you need is support – or a challenge – to get something done.

My own WIP, a striped ripple crochet blanket is now over 80% done. At time of writing I have 28 rows to go – and a neat edging to put on the sides. Oh and sewing the ends in.


Big note to self – when attempting large scale projects in future, sew or crochet the ends in as you go! Last year when taking part in the CAL run by Hannah of Not Your Average Crochet, every week alongside our rows to complete was the instruction ‘sew your ends in’. She was so right! Oh well you live & learn!

This challenge has been really hard for me. I generally switch between projects quite a lot so sticking with the one thing for a month has been tough. And boring at times. But I am going to be SO happy when it’s finished!


If you’ve been taking part in the Finish It Challenge and have turned your WIP into Finished Item, congratulations!

For anyone still working towards finishing by July 31st, you can do it! I recommend working out the number of rows you have to do as well as all the finishing touches and allocate them to days. That way you know what you need to do each day.


And remember, this is for fun! If you do get behind and go a day or so over, that’s ok.

Keep those posts on Ravelry coming!