Secret project

I got my Deramores yarn today! I can only give you a peek of the colours and the start of the project because it’s for someone who reads my blog! So, I’ll be working on this and cursing that I can’t brag tell you about it…


Today is the last day of the Finish It Challenge!


You have until 11.59 in your time zone to post your FOs on our Ravelry page! When everyone is past midnight on August 1st (that’ll be midday GMT), Pia of Stitches n Scraps will draw for the prizes! All you have to do is post a WIP on the Finish It Challenge WIP discussion page and then a photo of your Finished Object on the FO discussion page. Simple! Can’t wait to see who wins. 😃

And if you haven’t finished, don’t worry, this was just for fun. Look forward to seeing your FO in due course.


Today I’ve been at home because my asthma is bad. Mostly I’ve read or done some knitting. Or had a little snooze! I do hate being asthmatic.

Anyway…I had a craving to knit shawls while grinding out the Thank God It’s Done Blanket. When I made my Christmas crafting list I decided I wanted to make shawls for people for Christmas. (And maybe one for me 😉).

The ones I want to make are:

Anything Martina Behm has ever designed.
Nymphalidea by Melinda VerMeer.
Lancet Shawl and Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante. I love her designs.
Scarab Shawl & Irulan by Barbara Benson. Yes you guessed it I love all of her designs as well.
Reverse Psychology by Mindy Ross.

There are SO many fabulous ones to choose from. I only haven’t included one from one of my favourite designers, Stephen West, because they need to be knit on circular needles and having knit for the first time in six weeks today, I know my wrist isn’t up to it yet.

So what did I do today apart from feel unwell? Well I cast on Hitchhiker by Martina Behm last night.


I’m using Schoppelwolle Laceball held together with silver Kidsilk Haze.


Aren’t the colours glorious!


And by this evening I’d done this.

20140730-203943-74383621.jpg I love that it’s an eight row repeat and I am enjoying (for now) some mindless garter stitch.

Lazy day

I didn’t do much crafting after work today. I made my list of Christmas knitting & crochet (and placed a little order with Deramores 😉) and I spent some time planning out the colours on the bathmat.

20140729-221719-80239657.jpgI now have a real yearning to do some knitting. Oooh I shall have to think. And I need to plan my holiday-to-Malta crafting as that’s coming up in a couple of weeks. Exciting times!

TA-DAH!!!! FO – My Finish-It-Challenge Blanket

Well here it is!


I started this blanket on the 27th December 2012 after my Mum fell in love with a ripple blanket I’d made for my sister (you can see it here) but that blanket was a single size, with 2 DK yarns held together on a 7mm hook. This one is a double bed size, with one DK yarn on a 4.5mm hook…

I have a love hate relationship with this blanket. I like the yarn, I like the pattern and I wanted to finish it for my Mum but… I picked it up and put it away more times than I can tell you.


Then came a bloggers chat with Pia from Stitches n Scraps over our respective blankets that we wanted to finish but were struggling with. And from that was born the Finish It Challenge on Ravelry. One month and the WIP had to be over 6 months old.


It was what I needed. I’m a moderator on the challenge. I HAD to finish my own project. For most of July I felt like I was literally grinding out the rows. I *might* have moaned about it on my blog?! (Surely not?) I was so envious when Pia finished her blanket about midway through July! Check it out here. And suddenly yesterday my blanket was done. And then last night at 11.30pm I finished the border.


The border is one row of doubles and one row of single crochet. (Warning, this might be US terminology, I get confused, but I learned to crochet from US patterns.)


So, there we go, my finished blanket. And I’ve finished the challenge three days early. I am grinning from ear to ear. I’m off now to post on the FO thread on the Finish-It-Challenge Ravelry page.


And finally, I took most of the photos outside for the colour, but here it is laid out on my sitting room floor. It appears to be perfectly square. That’s a bit surprising !


You’ve heard me referring to this blanket as the Blanket of Guilt, then morphing into The Blanket of Doom (because I felt doomed to never finish it!). Pia had the Neverending Nightmare Stashbusting Blanket. Hers is now known as the Reversible Rainbow Blanket. I’m not sure what to call mine. All suggestions gratefully received. In any case I shall be giving it to Mum on the 10th for her birthday.

Edit: I forgot to mention that this blanket is partly my friend Sam’s fault. He and his partner Josh bought me half the yarn for Christmas 2012….

Second edit: it took me THREE hours to sew in the ends. Argh!

Third edit: I now think of it as The Thank God It’s Done Blanket 😉

I forgot to mention we decorated our sitting room!

20140726-215919-79159960.jpg Mollie laughing at me.

Well we did. We decided to paint the walls neutral (they’re two Dulux toning shades called Ivory Lace & Hay Bale) as we’d ordered a new teal sofa. We had the new carpet put down. Neutral with black flecks in to hide the Labrador fur…. The sofa arrived. It was *slightly * larger than we expected…




I like it but it feels very bare at present. I think I need more colourful crochet or knitted cushions (in the same Noro Kureyon), a standard lamp behind the sofa and maybe a larger picture on the wall. And a rug. My sister is encouraging me to crochet one in Aran weight. Anyway the room is done. Now I just need to put all the crap previously resident in the sitting room somewhere else. I suspect half of it will be filed in the dustbin.