Blog Hop

Several weeks ago the lovely Lucie nominated me to take part in the Blog Hop. I think I was supposed to do it within a week, but it has taken me until now to actually get round to it.

It’s quite simple, answer a few questions and nominate two fellow bloggers to carry the hop onwards.

So, without further ado…

What are you working on at the moment?

A those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know, I often have a ridiculous amount of WIPs going on. However in the run up to Christmas I have refined them…

A knitted cardigan for my Mum in Sirdar Ella. It’s a Christmas present.




A waistcoat in Noro crochet squares for my Dad, also for Christmas.





A star shaped crochet blanket for my adorable godson who is two in a month.



The 2014 Scheepjes CAL!





I have changed the order of the next two questions as it makes sense for my answers.

How does your writing process work?
I think you would describe my style as steam of consciousness tidied up. I don’t plan posts, other than taking photos. I very rarely create a draft and work on it more than once. If I have something to say, I say it, illustrate it with photos and make sure there are no typos or howling grammatical errors. These slip through from time to time but I do try and make sure they aren’t published!

How does your blog differ from others of it’s genre
This is a remarkably hard question to answer. I think honestly I have to say that my posts are probably more slapdash than others I read! I think you can understand a lot about my crafting and my love of the subject in the way I post; equally I imagine it’s only accessible or enjoyable if you like my narrative voice. A lot of the blogs I read are beautifully photographed, carefully written and provide excellent patterns and instructions. I love those blogs and I am so happy they are successful; there are times when I am a bit envious, but that style isn’t me right now! My work and other activities can be very serious and it’s nice to have a space where I can be frivolous or slapdash or have 25 projects on the go at once!

So, onto my nominees to carry on the blog hop.

First up is one of my favourite bloggy friends who is currently on her TWENTY-THIRD pair of socks this year (!!!!!), Salpal from What I’m Up To Today. I love how her posts about her life and crafting are structured around her actual lists of things she has to do and places she has to go. I have come to really want to visit Maine from her posts! One day…

A bit closer to home is the Oxfordshire haunt of The Twisted Yarn, whose incredible, inventive and large crafting feats (yarnbombing her own house springs to mind!) combined with being a parent of toddler twins and working (she has my awed respect for that alone) make up a really fabulous blog that has just celebrated it’s first anniversary.

If you don’t read these blogs, head on over, they are great! And over to you Salpal and Twisted with the Blog Hop. X

Things to be positive about

We’ve all been a bit down in my office recently and earlier in the week we gave ourselves a communal talking to and said that every day we had to say one thing that was positive about our day.

I’ve needed to give myself a kick up the backside as I’ve been a bit negative recently due to having a tough time health wise. However today I saw a consultant gastroenterologist; she was amazing, young, vibrant, insisted I called her by her first name, and filled me with confidence that she would either diagnose my problem or rule out the problem being gastrointestinal. That’s something to be positive about.

I’ve paid to go privately as the waiting list was so long for an initial appointment and my condition is affecting my work. I am very conscious that with my boss retiring I do need to get a new job by next May and the idea of job hunting feeling this exhausted is unpalatable. I’m a bit uncomfortable about private medicine as I believe strongly in the NHS, but my positive from that is by paying another person will see a consultant a little bit quicker.

So, I have a colonoscopy coming up either next Monday if they can fit me in, or on November 13th. That the procedure will be done quickly is something to be positive about!

Yarny things to be positive about today:

My friend Sam has a crazy project for us to work on while we’re cooking Christmas cakes this weekend. I can’t say more as it’s his Ta-dah but hopefully I can soon!

I’m not behind on this weeks Scheepjes CAL pattern…

Noro. 😄


What a difference a chair would make


I’m reblogging this because I have followed Hayley’s blog for quite a while now and I really admire her drive to make as many blankets and toys for rescue cats at her local RSPCA as she can despite what sounds like a really debilitating disability. I hope she can raise enough funds to buy her new wheelchair and be able to get out and enjoy day to day life that most of us take for granted. Good luck Hayley! Gofundme can accept donations from all over the world. If you can reblog, please do.

Originally posted on Loobylou Creations:


What Difference a chair would make.

Hi all, i am not the best of writers but i wanted to let you know a little bit more about how the campaign and money raising, would help and change my life.

So in the picture is a picture of the type of chair i would like once the funds have been raised, this chair will be able to be used in my home and also out and about. This chair is also perfect as everything is also customisable so will be built specifically to my needs. This will be measured to my perfect fit and with customisation it also means if i am having a really bad with weakness in my arms then i can have dual controls so my husband will be able to use the gear stick to make the chair move too.

With this chair it would open up…

View original 270 more words

Autumnal weekend

Saturday started with D turning up from work (he works nights) with these simply because I’d sent him a text saying I thought I was coming down with a cold (false alarm)… IMG_8157.JPG


Yesterday morning I was booked into an intermediate crochet class at Marmalade Yarns, my LYS. It was very nice and I loved the Willow pattern square we were given to make (I may use it to make my sister’s 40th birthday blanket) but it didn’t stretch me much, which is fine. I didn’t need stretching. There was crochet, there was yarn and there was cake. What’s not to like? What was more brilliant was talking to the fab Janet Friel, who was teaching the class, about how I could construct the waistcoat for my Dad. She’s drawn me a diagram, approved of the squares I’ve been making and suggested how we create it. So, next step 82 of these!

IMG_8130.JPG I’ve done 33 so far!

I decided on my Noro colour palette while at Marmalade and bought the balls I needed. These are the three I’m using. I have two of the top ones and three of the blues one:

IMG_8187.JPG The edges and button band will be done in the blue colourway.


Saturday afternoon my nephew came over to help me with some gardening jobs and to clean out the rabbit hutch. The rabbits were keen to help!


And of course, there’s always time for a cuddle!

IMG_8163.JPG (Ollie is quite happy there, his ears actually stick out sideways!)

On Friday I was in London where I discovered Paperchase on Paddington station. This is probably NOT a good thing as I bought quite a lot of bits for Christmas but also a 2015 diary and a rainbow paper notebook for myself. I also acquired a ‘list book’! Now I’m an inveterate list maker. Not a weekend goes by without at least one list. This was damaged and given to me because I really wanted one but couldn’t justify buying one for myself. I might have if I hadn’t fallen for the notebook.

Anyway, this list book (the style isn’t massively me, but it was free so I love it) has a pad of paper, a long list sheet that’s actually a sticky note! And various size sticky notes. Look!


So today I enjoyed using my new stationary, writing out my various Christmas lists!

IMG_8185.JPG (complete with crumbs… Argh)

Mum popped round with Lucy…



And I got down to a bit of knitting this afternoon.


And because I’d tidied up I can show you the table with my flowers on. 😄



Life List

Inspired by Martine at iMake I thought I’d post a Life List today, a sort of positive, taking stock of the moment list, which chimes with my mood. You can read her post here – she was inspired by another blogger to do the same thing.

Making : various crocheted and knitted things.
Cooking : my Christmas cake at the weekend.
Drinking : hot blackcurrant & apple squash right now!
Reading: Georgette Heyer The Masqueraders
Wanting: a tidy house
Looking: at places to go for a weekend break with our German friends.
Playing: Temple Run Oz, thanks to my nephew…
Deciding: how much of my Christmas knitting list I can actually achieve!
Wishing: I had more crafting time in my day.
Enjoying: my crochet Noro squares!
Waiting: in trepidation for my endoscopy appointment next week…
Liking: a couple of evenings to myself while my husband is away.
Wondering: what I’ll be doing this time next year.
Loving: Instagram (@mollieclairesomerset), I’m a new convert.
Pondering: how much time to devote to what this evening.
Considering: whether I can get away without doing the washing up tonight.
Watching: Strictly Come Dancing, It Takes Two at 6.30pm tonight.
Hoping: that it will be easy to get a new job when my boss retires next year.
Needing: a new job!
Smelling: wet dog…
Wearing: dress, leggings and flat shoes today and most days!
Following: some pretty nice blogs.
Noticing: a friend is singing in a concert on Saturday and planning to go.
Knowing: I am slightly over optimistic generally.
Thinking: about yarn!
Buying: train tickets.
Getting: prepared for a work trip to London tomorrow.
Mending: my raincoat and a shirt of D’s (on my to do list this evening)
Disliking: the abuse Marinke Slump has received on her CAL Facebook page.
Opening: a bag of crisps…
Feeling: hungry
Snacking: vegetarian bacon flavour crisps (yes, I know)

I changed or deleted a few on the list as they didn’t apply, but this was fun! Next up Blog Hop!