FO: Wingspan BLOCKED

After my decision to stop knitting, particularly on circular needles, at the weekend for a while due to the aggravation of my knitting injury, I put all my knitting projects away. Last night, having thought about Wingspan, I looked at the pattern, got the project out and had a look. I’d already knit 4 triangles more than the pattern required and figured it was probably big enough. VERY VERY carefully, transferring a few stitches at a time onto a straight needle, I slowly knit the couple of rows along the whole shawl and cast off. I was right, it was plenty big enough! Because it wasn’t a lot of knitting and I was careful my wrist doesn’t hurt, just aches like it did anyway. Today I blocked it (in the empty office at work!) and I’m delighted with it!


New yarn!!!

There was a great big SQUEEEE in Somerset today when this baby arrived in the post!


Colourway This Ain’t A Scene by Countess Ablaze yarns. Isn’t it magnificent?!

I only came across this fab indie dyer when I started using Instagram (Instagram is my new favourite thing!) and I have been lusting after her skeins ever since. I finally cracked last week when she updated her shop and I saw this fantabulous skein on offer.


I know I have many skeins of lovely yarn but hey, I don’t have one like this. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

This may be sock yarn but this is too beautiful to be socks! Well my socks that live inside boots anyway. Maybe some wrist warmers.

Recurrence of the knitting injury…

You probably heard my anguished shout when I realised I had aggravated my knitting injury in my left arm…

It seems to be really exacerbated by knitting on circular needles and I’ve been knitting in the round on both the MKAL and Wingspan. I’m SO cross. I thought I was taking it easy and not pushing it with either. Obviously I have to stop working on both for at least a week. The MKAL isn’t a major problem as it’s for me, but Wingspan is a Christmas present.

I’d noticed it was a bit sore mid week which is when I got stuck into the sewing up of the Noro squares but it wasn’t until today when I picked up my MKAL that I knew I had a problem.

Even more annoyingly, it turns out that using the 3mm hook for my Scheepjes CAL is also slightly tweaking at it, though not at all like using the knitting needles. I think I’ll be doing just the one square this week.

Using my 6mm hook for the waistcoat is fine but I don’t want to push it so I’ll be taking it easy. Luckily I have some bows and flowers to sew for Christmas.

MKAL – postponed indefinitely
Wingspan – postponed for a week (at least, probably a couple of weeks)
Scheepjes CAL – just one square this week (unless it makes it worse)

Will be working on:
The waistcoat (6mm hook)
The Star blanket (also 6mm hook)

ARGH *bleeped out swearing* ARGH

I’ll leave you with a couple of photos doctored by my niece which make me laugh.



I particularly like Ollie bunny’s moustache!

More squares

So despite having spent the last couple of days doing this:

IMG_3997.JPG it turns out that I haven’t finished making the squares for Dad’s waistcoat! As I was sewing them up I could see it wasn’t wide or long enough so I’m not surprised.

I popped in to Marmalade to see the lovely Janet and she gave me lots of brilliant advice and information on how to take the waistcoat to the next level of completion! Here’s some pix of where I am right now.

The bottom of the back:


The top of the back:


The fronts:


I need to make 10 of these :)


And finally the schematic, because even though it’s scrawled all over it feels like a real blueprint!


I think this will be taking priority over the next week or so. It’s not just crocheting them but the blocking and sewing up too. I’ve already decided to just do one or two CAL squares a week and catch up after Christmas as the blanket won’t be a Christmas gift. I am going to stick with the MKAL however as I do want a nice new hat!

Taking shape

Today was mostly glorious in Somerset. There were a couple of heavy showers, but hey I wasn’t out in them, so… D and I delivered some leaflets this afternoon and I was struck while walking along a road on the edge of our ward how lucky we are to live here.



This evening after a little CAL crochet and a little MKAL knitting, I sat down and sewed all of the ends from the middle of my squares in.


Then I sorted them…


And finally I laid them out in the shape of the waistcoat. I kept the fronts symmetrical because Janet advised it would look better that way.


But the back is random apart from the shoulders.


Now I have until Saturday morning to sew them together!


I finished the 82 squares for Dad’s waistcoat at the weekend. Initially I was jubilant, until I realised I have a whole LOAD of work to do to construct it! I’ve broken it into the following stages…

1. Blocking
2. Sewing in the ends (argh)
3. Arranging the squares so they are balanced at the front
4. Start sewing the large blocks together
5. Take the entire thing to the lovely Janet at Marmalade and throw myself on her mercy (she is expecting this, I haven’t just randomly decided!).
6. Do everything she tells me to do (which will include shaping, edging and buttonholes…)

Monday night is designated for blocking half the squares. I know myself, I’m never going to have the patience to do it all in one go…




I’m hoping to get to stage 5 next Monday…

In another matter, aren’t these mock cables on my MKAL gorgeous?!