A FO is in sight

This afternoon I did a little light knitting in Mum’s garden. Mollie wasn’t overly impressed…



Although it isn’t as large as I would normally make a shawl, when stretched out to blocked length, the spine stretches from the recipients neck to coccyx, which I think it big enough!

IMG_7558.JPG I’m going to do one more repeat of the pattern and hope to get an aqua/ teal row before doing the border.

Did I need more yarn?

Of course the answer is no. Especially not after Sam and Josh’s gorgeous present yesterday. However… I went to visit my friend Maxine today, who is the co-owner of my utterly delightful LYS Marmalade Yarns. She had a little something for me for my birthday. See! I told you I was spinning it out!

While there I saw THIS!

IMG_1103.JPG Is that or is that not autumn in a ball of yarn? All those gorgeous russet tones, but also still some green all set against blue skies. When I saw the shop’s sample shawl (in my favourite ever lace leaves pattern) I was sold. They’re both 400m approximately so it’ll make a lovely big shawl. I’ve clearly got a knit shawls mojo at the moment!

My little gift was this fabulous card, which has inspired me to make some sort of wall thing I can display nice cards on and a cute little handbag sized reusable shopping bag. Or if you’re me, project bag. 😄





Fab eh?! D sadly had to go to a funeral today and afterwards Continue reading

Birthday yarn

Being away for your birthday is so much fun. Firstly because being away is brilliant, but secondly your birthday pressies get staggered out afterwards. Last night my friend gave me this fab pair of earrings.


And today my friends Sam and Josh gave me these gorgeous smooshy things!


IMG_7526.JPG Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal! I honestly cannot decide which is my favourite colour. I love love love the gold, but the blue is gorgeous too.

And this fabulous book!


IMG_7522.JPG I think I am going to make these arm warmers with at least one of the balls. My winter coat and best new hat are blue, so possibly with the blue.


And look at this card.


Brilliant. I have lovely friends who know just what I like. And it didn’t stop there because they also bought me this fabulous posy.


Going home…

After our partying last night (well it was partying for us, I normally drink very little month on month), we got up late, breakfasted and checked out. We had been invited to stay in the hotel as long as we wanted and a morning sitting in the sun on the hotel terrace knitting was just what I wanted. With the charming and handsome Armando willing to provide coffee and diet coke on payment of a very reasonable sum, I was in heaven. My lovely husband took himself off for a walk to *cough* clear his head and look at boats in the harbour, which I absolutely did not want to do.



We had lunch at the delightful Ir Rokna at about 3pm and after buying a job lot of herbs from the nearby supermarket (you can buy them in help yourself big bagfulls!) headed back to the hotel to collect our car and head to the airport. We accidentally went the scenic route but for some reason ended up arriving 2 hours before our check in opened. I suspect a mistake was made when the time of our flight was checked. 😉 Queue more knitting in the Costa!

We’ve just come through security and are sitting in the lounge. Our flight is delayed by nearly an hour. 😁
*a short gap in composing while Claire visits the duty free and sprays herself liberally with scent*
I now smell extremely strong. But nice. Kind of like a perambulating department store beauty hall. I also spent our last €40 buying OPI nail varnish and Gozoan cheese. What else?!

IMG_2852.JPG I have decided I can of course get away with yellow nail varnish (Particularly at party conference 😉) and I find I don’t care if I can’t. It’s called ‘need sunglasses?’ which is just brilliant. D has just disappeared into the duty free with my credit card (unused this holiday so far) as he can’t remember the pin for his. Convenient. I expect he’ll come back with wine.
*short pause. Disgusting honey & mustard crisps are broached*
No! He’s returned empty handed, clearly he didn’t try hard enough!
Right. Enough waffling from me. See you when I’m back home. Xx

Malta, day 4. Part 2 – birthday celebrations!

We got back from Mdina at 4.30 and claimed a couple of spaces by the pool. We ordered cocktails. I had a White Russian and D had a Mojito!


I indulged in a little poolside knitting!


Then I had something called a Bahama Mama. Oh my goodness it was good. Banana liqueur, coconut liqueur, pineapple juice and grenadine. I went swimming then because I suddenly couldn’t focus on my knitting. Lol.

D was insistent we needed to be downstairs for dinner at 8pm. Turned out it was because he’d booked a table on the terrace and caused a bottle of Moët to be on that table. I do love champagne.



Dinner was Greek salad and Gnocchi Patate Rose…



D had another of those ludicrously huge pizza pasties (posting this pic just for Lucie 😉😉😉)


And now we are sitting in the hotel lounge with a brandy, a Baileys and complimentary chocolate!


Quite a birthday!

Malta, day 4. Part 1 – Mdina

As I have wifi in my hotel (yay!) I was able to look at all the lovely Facebook messages my friends had left me before we headed out for the day. First stop was the Ta’qali craft village. It – of course – was nothing like what I was expecting. The shops are all in old Nissen huts left over from WW2 and there’s no map of where everything is, you just had to wander about. Some of the shops were what D politely calls tat shops – inexpensive things aimed at tourists. Others were amazing. We bought Tshirts for nephew (12), grandson (4) and godson (18 months), a little bag for our 9 year old niece, some lovely bits of lace for Mum – one handmade and one machine made and some gorgeous silver filigree earrings for my sister. I actually could have spent a fortune in the jewellery shop but luckily D had disappeared with the money so I couldn’t!


We drove off to Mdina & Rabat – they’re twin towns, Rabat was where the poor folk lived when the fortress at Mdina was built, but Rabat is now the dominant town. Mdina is amazing and utterly dominates the landscape as you drive towards it. As it should! It was built in the 1500s by the Knights of St John.

Horse taxis waiting for fares at the gates of Mdina:


The entrance to Mdina:


The cathedral:


We had lunch at the Fontanella Tearooms, which had been recommended to us, and which turned out to be up on the battlements with an amazing view. I decided to use my panorama function on my camera!


Then we walked around and I took some pictures of random buildings and vistas that appealed to me:







A really lovely place to visit. We also very much liked Mdina Glass and purchased a few gifts for family!

Hello, welcome, did you know about the yarn?!

Every time I post about my travels I get some really interesting people following my blog. People who do *serious* travelling. I do feel a bit fraudulent at these times and hope they (you) don’t get too disappointed. I do travel quite a bit, and I like to post pictures, but most of the time, let’s be honest I’m waffling on about yarn and yarn based crafting. And there are dog photos too. And everywhere I’m go I try and find out if there’s a yarn store…

Apparently there are several on Malta, I just haven’t found them yet…

Anyway as I post this I’ve just turned 42. (How did that happen? I could swear I was only 29 recently) I was born exactly at midnight and my Dad got to choose whether my birthday was the 15th or the 16th. He chose the 16th. So now I know it’s my birthday I can go to sleep. 😄