Cafetiere Cozy Sunday

Back in the summer when we were on our holiday, my sister said to me how much she liked the Fairisle pattern on one of the hats I knitted. She then requested a Christmas cafetiere cozy featuring the poinsettia Fairisle pattern. (The Fairisle chart and the hat pattern was written by and is the copyright of Diane Wilson.)

Last night, a bit fed up with the 2.5mm needles (I love the project but not constantly!), I cast on, twice, as the first time I used the wrong size needles!  


This morning, after I’d fed Mollie, the rabbits, and myself, visited my sister’s cat Colin who I was looking after and done a few little household tasks I settled down and did a bit more:   

I got to the Fairisle late morning:  


Finished it off while watching Dr Who on catch up!  


Mollie wasn’t massively interested in the finished item… Though she was interested in my lunch! 


And unusually for me I went straight upstairs and blocked it!  

All I need to do now is see the ends in and add buttons. And hope the button hols are in the right place for Gayle’s cafetiere! 

The yarn is Cascade 220, knitted on 4mm needles. I improvised the pattern using the poinsettia fairisle chart from the hat. 60 stitches wide to 46 rows deep. The original hat by Diane Wilson is Raveled here. It’s also a free pattern!

PS: this is Colin my cat-nephew 😄 who I mentioned earlier. Isn’t he sweet?!


Some projects just don’t work out…

I was getting on really well with the hat….  

And then it occurred to me to try it on to see how nice it looked… Well, I hadn’t thought about how glasses might work with a very close fitting hat… 

Let’s be honest, it looks like an old lady hat turban. And not in a good way. I thought about finishing it for my sister, even though she laughed like a drain at the photo, but finally decided that as I wanted the yarn as a hat for me that the only way was frogging…

Back to Ravelry for a good pattern! 

My hat grows

As with all of the Woolly Wormhead patterns I’ve knitted, you have to trust where she’s going and just follow the pattern faithfully. I always do because I’m a bit OCD about patterns and I’d need to know it really well to modify it! That’s not to say I couldn’t, because I could, but then I’d have to actually think about it and when I’m knitting is not my time for thinking. I’m also, let’s be honest here, a bit averse to change (I tell myself change is good but it’s a conscious thought rather than an embracing of the reality of change) so why change a pattern. Plus pattern writing is hard work do if someone’s done it for you, brilliant. I am LOVING the construction of my new hat. The main headband is knitted flat in moss stitch:  

Before being joined in the round with overlapping stitches (hello new skill) to create the front feature      

Happy days. A fab pattern, some lovely yarn and a nice quiet evening. Couldn’t be better! 

A pretty good start to the weekend!

Damon went to visit his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren this last week for a couple of days. They’re a lovely family and I see them less than I’d like as D mostly goes midweek as he works nights at the weekend and of course I’m at work in the week. He brought back my birthday gifts from them – this fantastic cow money box – I’m going to save for yarn purchases so she’s been named the Yarn Moo 😄   

Also this beautiful glass bauble: 


Yesterday I bought some new winter boots! Yes they are teal coloured. And super comfy. 😊  

 Damon bought Mollie a new and rather large bed… For £9… I preferred the mink coloured faux fur one without cartoon dogs (that cost £60), but hey, they’re both happy. 


Mum and I attended the installation of the new Bishop of Taunton at Wells Cathedral today. We were excited to see our new woman bishop!  


I got home from Wells to discover some happy mail. Cuddlebums is an indie dyer from Yorkshire and I’d seen this colourway on her Instagram feed and felt compelled to buy a skein!  I think this needs to be some armwarmers – it’s got silk in it!   

Happy yarn owner…  

And, in a stroke of GENIUS, this morning I decided to fire up the slow cooker! Meaning that by 6pm I had a Spnish style potato, butternut squash and Quorn sausage stew ready to eat. Spicy and redolent of garlic, it was DELICIOUS. And there is loads left!
Plus Strictly and Dr Who! A pretty decent day!  I have high hopes for tomorrow.