Gayle’s birthday weekend

My little sister turned forty (forty, how did that happen?!) today and we’ve had a weekend of parties…  

                  Damon, wear his Boy George hat!


  A pano shot of last night!  

With my friend Josh
Gayle had a troll bead bracelet for her birthday.   

 I’m 5’10”!  


  Last meal of the weekend…

 Selfie with Timmy

New project! 

I’m taking part in the Instagram autumn shawl swap whereby you knit a shawl for someone and someone else makes one for you. It’s great fun following what everyone else is making – and then getting something fab at the end of it!

I’ve been reading Charlotte Walford’s blog Lottie Knits since I started my own and I had marked her new shawl Wild Poppies down as one I really needed to try since she released it. 

The lady I’m making for asked for blue or green and I chose this lovely petrol blue (colours not showing well in pics) sock yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners. 
So I assembled the required materials…  

And cast on!  

I’ve knitted one repeat so far and I love this pattern! 

As you can see by this time I had located my absoknittinglutely stitch markers! 


Crafty Birthday

I woke up as D came back from a night shift and we spent an hour together, him with breakfast, me with coffee and Mollie being cute!  

Unfortunately he has to work all over this weekend as I asked him to move his days holiday from today to next weekend when it’s my sister’s 40th party. 43 might be an achievement but it isn’t a big birthday!

D gave me a really lovely Lamy Neon Lime Green Safari italic nib fountain pen for my birthday. I love fountain pens and really want to practice italic handwriting so it was a perfect gift. AND turquoise ink!  
I then spent a happy couple of hours putting together the crochet bunting I’d been making this week before going over to my Mums where I blocked it.  

Our friends Sam and Josh came round for lunch…  

(I wasn’t expecting a cake and coffee cake is my favourite!)

… and stayed for the crafting!  

And this is some of what we made!  

5 strings of pompom bunting, 3 strings of crochet bunting and innumerable pompoms to hang on trees, bushes and dried twigs. 

It was a fabulous day and I had lots of lovely presents. I’m very lucky. 

From the sublime to…

… work, 8 hours after we got home. And that includes sleeping, commuting and all the things you have to do to look work ready.  Argh.

I haven’t even unpacked my case yet – doing that this morning.  Color Affection is where I left off in Madeira as on Monday lunchtime I bought 11 balls of bright coloured but VERY cheap acrylic (we’re not talking Stylecraft here) to make some brightly coloured pompom garlands and crochet bunting for my sister’s 40th birthday party next weekend.  Now, we’ve known about this birthday for 39 years and three weeks and we’ve been planning the party for at least a year and have been crafting for it.  BUT apparently we haven’t made enough. However as my sister operates on the same more is more principle that I also use, I suspect this just means we haven’t YET made enough to to make her garden look truly bonkers.  So today, between empting my case, doing washing, feeding my rabbits, and generally sorting out as we are having our bathroom replaced next week, I’ll be doing this:


Progress on Color Affection

I’ve been working away on my big holiday project. Sadly it won’t be finished before we go home tomorrow but I’m hoping to have it finished before my birthday on the 16th.  

Starting the short row shaping….

I’ve got 24 rows to go before the border! 

FO: Ziggy hat

My second holiday knit. Ziggy by Woolly Wormhead.  It’s a really lovely slouchy hat and the pattern instructions are very detailed so it’s hard to go wrong.  It’s a really interesting construction as you knit it in wedges and then Kitchener stitch it together.  That said you do need to concentrate on the lace pattern! Yarn was Rowan Pure Wool Worsted in Olive Green. Pattern is ravelled here.


It needs blocking but I’m very pleased with it.  First Christmas present completed! I think my sister will be very pleased with this!