A rash cast on

I don’t like knitting socks. You lovely people, if you’ve been here before, know I don’t like knitting socks. I mean, I’ve got my Mum knitting me a pair so I don’t have to. And then a few folks on Instagram encourage me and the next thing this happens… 

 I’m an idiot. 

Apparently I’m making a hybrid between a Rose City Roller and a Churchmouse Yarn & Teas basic sock. 

In the photo: 2.5mm needle, Skein Queen Entwist yarn and a fabulous project bag given to me by lovely Becki from Dartmoor Yarns. 

First February FO! 

The Dear Hubbie (😁) hat is finished!  

A weekend of effort paid off!  

And I learned a new technique as I couldn’t be bothered to go upstairs and fetch my DPNs so I magic looped it!

Yay for new techniques. My only mild annoyance was the Toft Alpaca pompom I’ve been saving for this hat is the wrong colour grey.  

Argh. Oh well. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I’m fighting off a bug and hoping I don’t carry it through into next week. 💚

February’s projects

My 1+1+1 projects have been slightly amended as I didn’t find suitable yarn to make Damsel when I visited Stephen & Penelope last weekend.

So this month I’m making:

 A cabled hat: 

It’s a lovely pattern but it’s name is ‘Dear Hubbie’ which I find exceedingly mawkish. And it’s not for D but for an Instagram friend Leanne! She sent me the yarn which is a home spun DK weight in pure wool. It’s been created by plying two thinner strands together, only it hasn’t caught and it’s often like knitting 2 strands of wool! I’m using my Knit Pro Karbonz interchangeables and a 40cm cable, which is perfect for a hat. This is a knit I’m really enjoying but I’m taking it easy as its in the round which really makes my wrists hurt! 

Then there’s a shawl called Glittering Caves by an American designer called Corinne Walcher. She has some LOVELY patterns in her Ravelry store.  

The yarn is Sirdar Hush, a lace weight long stripe mohair acrylic blend with a sparkle at the core. It’s like knitting with something ephemeral and insubstantial, which I actually don’t like but the fabric it makes is beautiful. It’s also not easy to find a needle it works with interestingly – doesn’t slip well on bamboo or metal, but it’s ok on my Knit Pro Basix! 

And finally,  I’ve started my stepgrandson’s Christmas blanket. I knew he wanted one as his Mum told me how much he liked the ones I had made for his baby sister. And then I saw the perfect pattern in my January edition (40) of Simply Crochet. It’s called Diamond Throw  and I’m making it in Stylecraft Aran so it can be easily washed! 
 Being 5 he has no concept of how colours can be gendered so he wanted it in shades of pink and purple. I feel strongly that we shouldn’t push children towards specific colours (you may recall the blanket I made his sister!) and was happy to make what he wants but I also wanted it to have a long shelf life if he goes off pink and purple! So they’re in there but alongside green, blue, red and a mustardy yellow. I think it’s going to be fab!  
And I’m also going to be making the decorations for an advent calendar throughout  February! 


Damon likes to go away for his birthday and this year we decided to go to Amsterdam for a change. (We normally go somewhere warm. It wasn’t warm!) 

Damon invited my Mum to come with us. Here we all are on the plane (You can see from the pictures that I take after my Dad!!) 

Our hotel, Hotel Eresthea on the Singel Canal. It was LOVELY!  
Look how pretty the bar is!  

We visited the Palace on Dam Square, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum…  

 Mum and I are both wearing hand knit hats and Damon is wearing a hand knit scarf by our friend Caz! 

We had some lovely meals:   

On our last day Damon went to the Dutch Resistance Museum while Mum and I went to Rembrandt’s house. 

After we’d enjoyed that we went to Stephen West’s co-owned yarn store ‘Stephen & Penelope’ on Neuwe Hoogstraat – I was VERY excited!  
I saw the original Doodler shawl:  

And I made a few judicious purchases!  

Some Malabrigo Rios in colour ways Plomo and English Rose…

To make this cowl. I need to learn brioche stitch first: 

A skein of Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles in a custom colour way for Stephen & Prnelope called ‘Bike Bell’: 

And two skeins of lace in Delft pottery colours (it seemed appropriate!)  

A perfect trip really! 


The Knitting Sarah has started this really helpful Ravelry challenge, which I’ve joined:

“The 1 + 1 + 1 Project is all about setting reasonable goals for yourself for 2016 and just for fun we’re basing it off the number 3 (1+1+1).

How do you participate?

Pick 3 goals for yourself. (This can be whatever suits your life — from 3 projects you want to complete this year to 3 projects you want to complete each month — you choose the pace that’s right for you!)
Share your goals, progress, and success here & at the end of the year we’ll do a drawing for some fun prizes for all those who participate!
Don’t forget to tag your projects #theoneplusoneplusoneproject whenever sharing on social media including Instagram!”

I’m finding this really helpful. I think it’s well known that I can be a bit of a butterfly about my projects, but setting realistic and reasonable goals  is helping a lot. 
On January 3rd I posted in the Ravelry forum:

In January I’m going to:

  1. Finish my Holly and Ivy scarf in time for a birthday next weekend!
  2. Knit the ornaments for two advent calendars – to give my Mum time to sew the main item!
  3. Finish my Lost in Atlantic crochet shawl

I ended up having to swap number 2 out for knitting some Easter Eggs for work (pictures of the finished product coming soon Purepurly, Sewchet & NanaCathy!) but I’ve finished my 3 projects!  

 With of course the bonus owl hat!

So I’ve decided to set myself my February challenges now.

  1. I want to make Glittering Caves by Corrine Walcher for my friend Helen for her birthday in April.
  2. I’m going to make the advent calendar items that got bumped from January in favour of the knitted Easter Eggs!
  3. I’m hoping to cast on Damsel also by Corrine Walcher for myself. But only if I find the right colour yellow yarn when I visit the Stephen & Penelope yarn shop in Amsterdam. They sell MadelineTosh and Hedgehog neither of which I can buy locally and both of which make fantastic yellow yarn. If I don’t get the yarn I will probably swap this out for starting my step grandson’s crochet blanket for Christmas. 

Watch this space!


FO: my first crochet shawl. 

Pattern: Lost in Atlantis by Elisabeth Davis de Herriaz

Yarn: Katia Jaipur (mercerised cotton, lace weight)

Hook: 4mm 

I still have to block it but I think it’s beautiful! My niece’s birthday present is done – and I’ve completed my January 1+1+1 projects in Knitting Sarah‘s challenge for 2016! 

If you need a new crochet project and a challenge, this is a fantastic pattern. 

Unexpected Chouette

My godson’s Mum asked me to make him a hat this morning. Well I couldn’t let him have cold ears!

I found a pattern called Chouette by Ekaterina Bouchard, some Sirdar Aran (that I held double) and a 40cm 6mm Knit Pro Basix circular. And here it is:  

And on its recipient Isaac!  

 I enjoyed my day knitting!