Books, hat & legs

It’s been a busy end to the week.

I’ve knit a little on Sophora: 

I knitted one bunny leg: 

The bunny has been named Betty, courtesy of the lovely Sewchet. I accepted it as the genius suggestion it clearly is.

I have also bought myself some books about thinking positively! Including this one. ;)Well I do need to give myself every chance of success on Monday!

Mollie has been remarkably cute: 

I may also have just broken my yarn buying ban…  I was seduced by a particular colourway on the Countess Ablaze update….

Knitting on trains 2015 #2 AND a crazy walk

25th February 2015

7.01am Westbury to London 

When I got to Paddington I bought an umbrella because I have No Idea where mine is and went to get on the tube. Only it was closed. They weren’t letting people on because of the dangerous number of people already in the station… I waited 15 minutes and it didn’t change. At this point I could have got a taxi but I had just under two hours before my meeting so I thought ‘I’ll walk’. Like you do. It’s 3.2miles direct. I don’t normally voluntarily walk that far even when it isn’t raining. So I set the directions on my phone and set off. I decided to take selfies of myself at key locations to prove I’d done it, but sadly in every single one I’ve failed to capture a key landmark. Oh well, here goes: 

Hyde Park:

Curson Street (half way): 

I took that just before I said hello very jovially to a security guard on a very high class jewellers who looked at me suspiciously! 

Green Park: 

I was feeling a bit hot at this point…. 

Buckingham Palace: 

St James’ Park: 

With swan… My feet hurt at this point. 

The whole walk took 1 hour 20 mins, not pushing myself. I would do it again but in walking boots not my smart ones. I must be feeling better! 

Of course after my meeting I was hobbling as I’d stiffened up! I took a taxi back to Paddington, where I took his picture… 

And got the:

15.06 London Paddington to Westbury. 

I’m exhausted! 

Featured photo!

You will recall the crochet bathmat I made for my Mum for Christmas? Finished on Christmas Day? It was a fab pattern from Susan Pinner’s Granny Squares: 20 projects with a vintage vibe book, which I am using again for my sister’s 40th birthday blanket. Anyway I yesterday I had a request on Ravelry for one of my photos to be used on the project page. Of course I said yes! And I went and looked at it and its the only one! Very flattered!


Enter a bunny

Back when I was in Tenerife Sarah Inskeep (lovely blog, check it out!) posted this blog post about projects she wanted to make. I loved every single one and of course had to add them to my Ravelry favourites! (I wonder if I will ever knit everything in my favourites – I doubt it!) We started talking about toy reindeer and as these things do, I ended up mentioning a pattern I had bought called Little Cotton Rabbits. It’s just adorable (though I may have to buy the elephant pattern, that is SO sweet) and Sarah and I decided we would knit a rabbit together, a sort of mini KAL. I want to make one for my niece Jessie before she gets too old (she’s 10 in May) and Sarah is making one for her brand new niece!

So, last weekend we tackled the heads! And here is my little cream bunny’s head…

Yes, that is 100% alpaca stranded with Kidsilk Haze!

I can see my friend Maxine shaking her head at me from here! I say if you can make Christmas decorations with Kidsilk Haze, then it’s ok in toys…

This week we’re doing the body and legs. These are knit on 3 and 2.5mm needles! I’m getting to use my new DPNs. My bunny has stripey pants (underwear)!




The pattern clearly calls for big pants… I approve!

Just before I started writing this I finished the first brown shoe!

IMG_0061 This yarn is a tiny bit left over from a Bombella Knit Kit owl I made up for Marmalade Yarns at the end of 2012. It feels like it’s something expensive!

I got an interview!

Hello lovely bloggy friends. Nothing yarn based so far today, but a very happy Claire who was phoned and invited to go for an interview on Monday based on an application form submitted yesterday afternoon! It was the third job I have applied for and is the one I REALLY would like! Anyway, I did a very happy dance around my office. Not counting my chickens or anything but good to have a chance! Mollie approves!


Old but good

I don’t think I have every posted about my favourite ever thing I made. I made it in 2011 and it is so warm and cosy – I’ve been wearing it since I got back from my day out as I was chilly. This is my Noro Sekku and KIdsilk Haze shawl. I changed the colour of Kidsilk Haze everytime the Sekku changed colour, so it was a labour of love. And oh my the ends!





And because my nail varnish has become a talking point recently, I had to include this one as this blue is FAB! And its a good foil for the rock Damon had made for me for my 40th! My favourite piece of jewellery and my favourite shawl together :)


Old Sarum

Today I had a fab time with my friend Louise of Lavender Toast blog and her beautiful choccy Labrador Millie and my Mollie and Mum’s Lucy at Old Sarum on the outskirts of Salisbury, WIltshire. Louise took this amazing photo:


It was a lovely, sunny, albeit chilly, day! We walked all round the site and had a picnic too. Louise does a GOOD picnic! Put my bread rolls to shame! We’re dog lovers so most of the pictures are of dogs! I did wear my beret which has got very slouchy and kept falling over my eyes – Louise was kind enough to say I didn’t look odd but I think she was just being nice!!! A just brilliant day.