Doily obsession

It won’t last, but while it does I’ve made a few! 

And, I’ve mentioned this before but I do try and style my photos somewhat. I think we all do. But hey, this is real life. Actually I work in a complete muddle…


Fairisle class

When I attended the yarn retreat last December, I met two women in particular (everyone was nice!) that I liked very much and knew we would become firm friends. We were due to attend Unravel in February together but I missed that due to Mollie’s illness. So I arranged a class at my local yarn store Marmalade Yarns for yesterday, and a couple of other friends joined us. We had collectively agreed we would like to do Fairisle in the round as it was a skill all of us wanted to learn.

Our tutor, knitwear designer Mary Henderson, had a fantastic collection of samples and soon had us picking our colour choices and casting on!  

I chose to go with orange and red to start off with!  

By the end of the class I’d done this: 

And these were all our efforts: 

 Some of us are quicker at knitting than others! I think I went for the the most colour changes – I was at colour 5 in this photo! 

All in all a brilliant day and an excellent class.  

In Defence of the Doily

Something you may know about me if you’ve been reading this blog is that I am almost pathologically allergic to crochet ‘mandalas’.

However I do like a doily and I like the modern colourful version too. I like making them, I like looking at them.  

I’ll be honest I think calling a doily a ‘mandala’ it is an annoying, trying to be hip, reinvention of the honest to goodness doily. 

Maybe this annoyance is based on the fact that at heart I’m a bit of a pedant. A mandala, as I imagine most people either know, or could find out by using Google, is (courtesy of Wikipedia):

“mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल, lit, circle) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions, representing the universe.[1] In common use, “mandala” has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe.”

Mmmm, not quite sure how that description relates to a bit of colourful crochet. However mind you, I’m C of E so perhaps I’m not seeing the spiritual reference others are. 

A doily doesn’t need to be called a mandala to hang on your wall, grace your dining table, sit under a lamp or a vase or any of its other myriad uses. It doesn’t need to masquerade as something it isn’t. 

Those of us who have embraced crochet love to make Granny Squares. If we can bring the Granny Square back we can just as certainly embrace doilies.  

I was inspired to write this down by Sewchet! 

So here’s my latest doily. 



Since I decided to stop forcing myself to do specific projects I’ve lost my crafting mojo. It’s coincided with me needing to get the garden sorted out and I’ve been really focussing on that, wanting somewhere nice to sit when I finally get it back! 

So on Friday I added to the border: 

And sanded the bench in preparation for a little make over… Sadly I didn’t take a before picture but as of last night: 
It took me all day to do this! Cuprinol Shades ‘Forget Me Not’. I’m delighted with it! While I was doing that Mum added some annuals to my beds and did my pots. She does them every year, I am grateful and lucky as they’re always fab! This year I’m going with fuschias, petunias and lobelia, both bush and trailing. As you can see we also dispensed with the scruffy rosemary bush and discovered a load of primroses growing underneath it!
As you can see from this pic, the lawn needs a lot of work which my lovely friend Sam has volunteered to do. 

Damon also insisted on buying two hanging baskets when we went to Homebase. This one is so glorious I didn’t want to hang it where I couldn’t see it. 

So today, I only mowed the bit that is still grass (!) and then was free to do this: 

I’ve settled on making a doily called ‘Flirty Fifties’ in the three colours right at the front and the violet and green just behind. They’re the colours I’ve chosen by and large for the garden so they should be fab on my outside dining table! 

I’m hoping they might work as placemats. I’ve still got lots to do in my garden but I’m really pleased with how far I’ve got and hopefully my doily/ mandala will inspire me! 

Stash diving…

…and finding a WIP…

I had almost forgotten this cardigan I started for my Mum. The back and half of one front are done, the sleeves are integral, so it makes sense to finish it for her birthday. 

I’m not sure that it’s even been featured on my blog I’ve had it so long! The colour is more accurate in the top photo. Posting this for the pattern. 

I’ve also found out what happened to my favourite project bag and first pair of KnitPro Symphonie 4mm needles…

It’s going to be a warm day in Somerset. Before I paint my garden bench blue, lay a few slabs and plant up my garden pots, I’m taking this young lady for a walk! Taken last night when she was giving her best Hard Done By Labrador impression!