It’s very hot here in Somerset at the moment. By that I mean late 20sC sometimes over 30C. Now I know some of you will think that’s not that hot, but for us Brits that is really quite hot. Our houses aren’t designed to keep cool but to let in maximum light. 

I’m not crazy about the heat, 22C suits me perfectly, but I would be fine if I didn’t have to work. Keeping smart in the heat is hard; finding smart clothes and shoestbat aren’t too hot in the heat is hard! My new office is on the top floor of a building that was built in the 1400s. It’s VERY stuffy!  

On the up side, we had dinner in the garden and I sat outside until 10 with my knitting – until it got too dark to see! That doesn’t happen often! 


PS Today the diocese I work for announced the new Suffragan Bishop of Taunton.  It’s a woman (YAY) and I met her this afternoon at a tea party in our buildings garden! It was very cool. 

Amazing stitch markers

Last Monday I knew that the stitch markers I was using just weren’t working with the pattern.  


I have some lace stitch markers but they were in use on a current WIP. So I decided to get some more and knowing I’d bought some previously on Etsy I headed over there. I went straight to Absoknittinglutely as its in my favourite Etsy stores and she had just what I wanted. I ordered them and hoped they’d arrive by the weekend. They arrived on Wednesday! That is fantastic service! Here’s the package I got with a lovely note:


And the stitch markers: 


They’re the best stitch markers I’ve used – the beads are glued so that there are no sharp edges or chances of the closure of the ring snagging your knitting. I recommend this shop highly. 

In use!  


And I have to say, this is an unsolicited genuine review of goods I paid for. I have received nothing for writing this. 

Fabulous crafty weekend!

I’ve been staying at my Mum’s looking after her dog Lucy. Lucy is a handful!  


On Saturday I worked on the Mustardseed shawl for the shawl swap:  


While my sister made pompom alliums as decorations for her 40th birthday party in August!  


There five pom-poms there and one real allium!

Lucy got herself VERY wet in her paddling pool: 


Today I did a couple of rows of the shawl before turning to sewing the ends in on the crochet blanket for my step-granddaughter. And here it is in all its glory:  


And then I turned to the blanket I’m making for my sister as a gift for that big birthday…  


I think Lucy has enjoyed her weekend… Mollie did too!  Even if she has a less enthusiastic way of showing it! 


Swap shawl progress


They were up to last night. This evening I had to frog a row when I made a mistake right at the beginning of it. Argh!


But finally I got to the beading section!  


I’m staying at my Mum’s this weekend taking care of this herbert:  


So there should be plenty of knitting time. 😊