The Best Dressed Bunny and other stories

Betty’s wardrobe is just about complete: 


Ollie the real life bunny had a run in the garden:  


Clearly this was before the lawn was mowed.  Flora isn’t allowed out as she’s impossible to catch. Plus she’s half his size and has loads of room in their run.  He’s just a lot bigger than we ever expected a rabbit we owned to be!

A little bit of Scrumptious yarn just fell into my bag on Friday:  


I’ve been winding it and Mollie has been helping;  


Muchelney Abbey

Yesterday I invited Damon to take me out for the day today as we both had the day off.  This morning we decided to go to Muchelney (famous for being the island that was cut off during the 2014 floods) and visit the Pottery and the Abbey. We wanted to buy a two handled Wassail mug for Damon’s best mate’s 50th birthday, and as his friend is German, we thought a really Somerset present was in order. When we got to Muchelney Pottery, they had ONE Wassail mug left!  Talk about serendipity!

We then went to visit Muchelney Abbey, which is an English Heritage property, and as we’re members, free to get in to! It was beautiful weather and we really enjoyed wandering round the ruins and sitting with a drink just enjoying the scenery. 



That building behind us is the Monk’s Latrine! 

We also visited the Muchelney parish church, which had the most incredible painted ceiling, which is very unusual in an anglican church.  We then went to Long Sutton, where we had lunch at the Devonshire Arms.  We sat at the front of the pub (I say pub but it is quite posh) overlooking the village green.  How quintessentially English is this!     

The food was very good as was the coffee!  

And this evening was my nephew’s 13th birthday party! Here’s the cake…. 


A core was cut out of the middle and filled with sweets!  Amazing.  Hope you all had a good day too.  

I won!

Dear friends. This blog will return to knitting and crochet and yarn appreciation very soon, but I wanted to share with you something that is really important to me.  I was re-elected for my fourth term as a district councillor today alongside my husband Damon. I am very proud to represent my ward and my town.  Here I am making my acceptance speech:  


But it’s not easy to enjoy it.  As you will know if you live in the UK, my political party was wiped out last night.  We lost 49 seats and now have just 8 MPs. Although I won, we are also losing council seats across the country. Our party leader, who I admire very much, has resigned. Politics is a hard business.  

I knitted on this last night through my tears while the election coverage…