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On the needles

I’m a butterfly knitter. I like to have lots of different projects on the go; different weights of yarn, different sizes of needles, so I have a choice depending on my mood. At present I’m alternating between two shawls, one with Rowan felted tweed & kid silk haze stranded together & the other in scarlet Galaxy with sequins image; two cardigans for my niece, one in Sirdar Summer Stripes and one in a soft cotton; a cardigan for my sister in cotton silk; a cardigan for my Mum in a random chunky I picked up in Hobbycraft that while mostly acrylic is beautiful coloured and a crochet blanket.
These projects are just the ones I’m working on at the moment. There are others, hidden away upstairs… I am working on busting my stash which at the beginning of 2012 had grown to such gargantuan proportions I had to challenge myself to only knit from it in 2012. I pretty much stuck to that… Well, sort of.

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