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Introducing Lucy…

While I was away at the weekend, during which, for some of the time at least, I pretended I was 25 again and drank far far too much wine, Mollie stayed with my Mum. Now up until last August Mollie was the family’s only and much loved dog and went to Mum’s every day while I was at work. Then my friend Victoria told me about a litter of spangold (springer x golden retriever) puppies, I showed some pictures to my sister and the rest, as they say, is history. My sister’s puppy is called Dilly and my Mum’s Lucy. Dilly is adorable and we see her occasionally. The best description for Lucy is irrepressible… and Mollie spends every day with her. This is Lucy…
Mum tells me that Lucy spent almost her entire time hassling Mollie over the weekend. During the week they have a routine around Mum’s voluntary work and walks. Weekends are quite rightly normally very casual, but Molls isn’t normally there (though we do visit for an hour or so quite frequently!). Molls was apparently very calm until Sunday afternoon when she gave Lucy a right telling off.
It worked for a while but Lucy was back at it today…

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