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Just one of those days…

So, the day started with the final quote for the fence. It was better than the first one but still costly and turns out I have no concept of length as the fence, which I’d designated 80 foot is actually 95 feet long… Having prevented Mollie from invading our neighbours garden (again) while feeding our pet rabbits, I left the husband in charge of sorting out the fence being done and headed off to work via Mum’s house, where she gave me coffee! It was a lovely day in our town:
This is a view towards to hills through the Dissenters Cemetery.

The coffee duly drunk, and Mum having gone to her voluntary job, I left Mollie in her spare basket…
She looks like she’s blue here!

And Lucy the 8 month spangold in her crate…

And went to work.

*pause for ridiculously busy day punctuated by texts about fences from the husband*

The husband picked me up and mentioned – on the way home – that he was supposed to be taking a plate of food to a bring & share meeting he was going to at 7.30pm. Back at our house, he had to check his e-mail to establish whether it was supposed to be sweet or savoury…. I decided that I could bash a tray load of cookies out rather than send him to the supermarket (we’re on an economy drive at present, saving up for a trip to Australia!). So I did. Spicy treacle cookies:
He owes me.

Then it turned out he’d bought me a present, a new pair of walking boots, as a surprise. Molls decided that she didn’t want me to try them on and sat on my feet.

Even though I’m delighted with my ‘bankrupt stock super clearance’ boots he still owes me! Anyway, he’s gone out now so Mollie and I are going to settle down with our knitting…  

5 thoughts on “Just one of those days…

  1. Lol – did you get the ‘Woman have absolutely no concept of distance” speech from the hubby at all? Mud often points out the lack of spacial awareness and ability to judge distances, most women suffer from – I just smile sweetly, muttering “Yes dear” between gritted teeth as I continue to carry on the mult-tasking of at least half a dozen jobs whilst trying very hard not reply with the very obvious response to such a comment 🙂


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