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My sister’s shawl

About a year ago my sister and I went on a lace knitting course at our local yarn store. It was a great course because it catered for experienced and starter lace knitters. My sister knits well but doesn’t do it that much. I do it a lot and am officially obsessed! So, during the day, we both purchased 3 balls of Rowan felted tweed and two balls of kid silk haze. Mine in a dusky blue, hers in a deep lime green. About three months after the course she gave me her whole bag, confessed she’d forgotten how to follow the pattern and asked me to finish it for her. I said I would but as and when I had the time. And recently I’ve fancied a bit of shawl knitting & picked it up. Last night I felt I’d done enough on straight needles as it’s quite heavy, so I’ve transferred it on to circulars. 5mm by the way.

Here’s the shawl before it was transferred with Mollie taking excessive notice of the knitting, just in case there’s some food hidden under it:

And here it is transferred:

I love knitting this lace leaves pattern. It’s by a knitting pattern author who lives in my home town. I’m addicted.

And finally, here’s the recipe referred to earlier:

4oz butter
4oz sugar
10oz plain flour
1 egg
6 tablespoons treacle (or golden syrup or a mixture)
1 heaped teaspoon ginger
1 flat teaspoon cinnamon
couple of pinches of salt
Raisins/ glacé cherries to decorate

Heat oven to 200c
Cream the butter & sugar til light & fluffy. Add the rest of the ingredients except raisins/ glacé cherries and beat til combined.
Grease baking tray – you’ll need 2-3 depending on size.
Put balls of the mixture on the trays – about the amount you can fit on a dessert spoon. It’s sticky so use spoons to handle. Leave 2inches between each one.
Decorate with raisins or cherries
Cook for 8 – 10 mins – until the dark damp look disappears. Sometimes you take them out & leave to cool & then they clearly need a bit more.
Cool on a wire tray.

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