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A late night followed by a snowy Sunday

Two friends unexpectedly popped round last night and several bottles of wine were opened and consumed… The husband works nights over the weekend and looked rather envious as the rest of us got stuck in. Luckily I had prepared his dinner before my friends arrived or he’d have been having toast! Mollie really wasn’t very impressed with how rowdy things got…

My friends went home very late & on the way home one sent me a text. This is my favourite text exchange ever:
I think it’s clear we had both had a few… Names have been removed to protect the drunken 😄

Of course the night I stay up til 2am is the morning I wake up at 7am, before even Molls could come & remind me to get up. I’m not really a morning person but I attacked the morning because frankly that’s the only way I could cope and I’m now feeling rather smug as I’ve done such housewifely things as cleaning the mould off the kitchen window and scrubbed the hob, and sorted out all the papers that had been waiting to go upstairs to be filed. Mollie decided to help my by lying on the ‘keep’ pile and half lying on the ‘recycle’ pile.

It then snowed! Didn’t settle sadly but it looked very pretty!
You will see the old fence has been removed and there’s lots of wood waiting for the fencer at 8am on Monday morning. Molls has only been in our three neighbours gardens once each…

In my opinion the only thing to do on a cold Sunday is to knit. Or crochet, I’m not fussy! I did a few rows of my sister’s shawl, then I did a trial Granny square of a new pattern: I’ve been asked to do some squares for a blanket for a friend’s 50th birthday in the summer. I’m fairly new to crochet & I wouldn’t say I’m that proficient and this is my first (and so far only) effort at the pattern. I definitely struggled with the 2nd row puff stitch – I’ve definitely done something with the joining of the puff stitches to the first circle. However, practice makes perfect & I’m not being let loose on the expensive yarn yet…
I’ve also decided to knit a bit of bunting for a friend’s birthday; my Mum & I made loads for my 40th birthday last August, and it’s such a lovely thing to have and is so jolly. I’ve decided to use up the small bits of really nice yarn I have in my stash I can’t even use for a pair of mittens. It’s knitted on 5mm in moss stitch with thin DK to get the open look.
So the day started out a little tired but ended up being very nice 🙂

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