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A day of knitting

Today I woke up feeling pretty awful. Just a common cold but still making me feel bleurgh. We try and operate a ‘don’t spread your germs around’ policy at work, because we’re a small office and it’s no fun if one after another goes down… With a whole day ahead of me I had to think about what knitting I would do. To start off with I knitted another bunting flag, making it six in total now. I’m using ends of Mini Mochi (a lovely pink & grey colourway), Galaxy DK, Rowan kid classic and a lovely ball of a very smooth thin DK or possibly 4 ply that I have no idea where I acquired it.

The stitch definition is gorgeous:

Then I dug out a cardigan I’m making my mother. I knitted the same Sarah Hatton pattern, that I first saw in Let’s Knit magazine, for my sister at Christmas in petrol blue Big Softy. The pattern is called Cordial and is on Ravelry if anyone is interested. This is the picture from Let’s Knit:

I’m knitting this new version in Wendy Chameleon Chunky which is half wool, half acrylic. I’m normally a complete yarn snob but this is very attractive (which is why I bought it) and because its irregular its working really well in the pattern which is for a super chunky.

It matches a shawl I made for her earlier in the year, which is this Wendy Yarn, Big Softy in petrol blue and Rowan Cocoon in deep sea blue. I’m posting because I love this so much – knitted on 10mm and unblocked in this photo:

However the cardigan has got to the point where it’s really heavy, so I moved on to sewing up a cardigan for my niece. I knitted all these pieces in January and all I need to do is the button band! I’m hoping to finish it this evening!

In other news, the fence was finished.
Now we have to pay for it. *faints*

Mum brought Molls home & Lucy came too…

So after a mixed day (feeling rough but getting to knit all day), the husband has gone to Sainsburys to buy something for dinner and my 4 month old godson is coming round for a cuddle. Win win really.

2 thoughts on “A day of knitting

  1. Hope you are feeling better. I’ve been knitting for most of the day as well …. a lovely pink marble baby wool (can’t remember the make) into a pretty little jacket for a baby due in June 🙂 I’ll do a post when it’s finished. I love knitting baby clothes as they take no time at all and look so cute.

    Fence is looking fab and Molly proof, so one less thing to worry about.


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