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To block or not to block?

I mentioned a few posts ago that I’m not a big fan of the whole finishing process once the knitting is finished. So quite often I look at a finished item once the dreaded sewing up is done and I ask myself ‘can I get away without blocking this?’.

Now if I’m finishing on the absolute deadline for the item being finished, ie I have to give it to someone tomorrow then I clearly don’t ask that question. To be honest though, I don’t tend to panic knit anymore – I think that’s possibly a turning 40 thing. If I’m not going to finish it comfortably then I just stop and finish it or the next birthday or Christmas; my Mum and sister don’t change size and I always knit big for my niece.

So blocking… Generally if it looks right I don’t, because I don’t enjoy doing it. But anything with lace HAS to be blocked. And this last couple of weeks, as you know, I’ve been finishing off two items for my niece. She’s 8 in May and I rather sensibly thought ahead and took two projects with me on holiday in January. And both of them featured variants of the feather and fan stitch. There is no way I could get away without blocking them… This evening I finished sewing up the second one and bit the bullet. Here’s both, duly blocked. Please excuse the rubbish pictures. image


Both are knit on 4mm needles. The multicolour one is Sirdar Summer Stripes shade 314, using pattern 9419. The pink one is Sirdar Calico, shade 730, using a pattern I found in a magazine insert but which is designed for Calico so is probably a Sirdar pattern.

4 thoughts on “To block or not to block?

  1. I am with you on blocking. More often than not, if I can skip it, I do. That and swatching are my least favorite parts of knitting. At the start, I just want to get going, and in the end, I just want to wear/use what I’ve created! I am starting to force myself to swatch, though. I’ve noticed hats in particular fit better if I know what my gauge is.


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