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Panic knitting

In my last post I wrote ‘I don’t do panic knitting’. This last few days has proved me a liar. I wanted to give a friend something handmade for his birthday, but hadn’t got round to it, and had contributed to a big present a group of us have chipped in for. I was lamenting this to colleagues on Thursday afternoon and saying I wished I had made him a man’s shawl as best exemplified by the patterns of Stephen West, which I really like. So then I saw this cowl pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/purl-ridge-scarf which is a ‘quick knit’ and dashed out to my LYS, bought three balls of Noro Kureyon and cast on that evening. His birthday was yesterday and we’re all getting together tomorrow. That’s three days, or rather three evenings, as I worked Friday & went out with my Mum today. It IS a quick knit, in that its Aran weight and in knit & purl, but there are 200 stitches. Five rows take an hour if I don’t stop at all… I have 10 rows to go but I’ve gone at it so hard that I now have serious pains in my left wrist so I have to keep stopping. I WILL finish it but I do feel like a complete idiot. This is where I’m at at 8.15pm.
Lovely lovely Noro colour way:

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