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So, what next?

Having finished off both cardigans for my niece, panic knitted the cowl (which I have had the pleasure of seeing the recipient wearing), I’m now in the nice position of having a choice of what to knit or crochet. So, I could do a bit of my sister’s shawl but I find I’m not in the mood for lace work. Could do my Mum’s cardigan, but it’s moss stitch with cables, already heavy to hold and I don’t really want to concentrate on the pattern.  I could try and remember how exactly I knitted the left front of my sister’s birthday cardigan but I don’t need to have it done til August (it got demoted from an Easter gift…) so I think we’ll leave that be for now. I’m trying not to start any new projects until I’ve finished the above mentioned cardigans (shawls don’t count as I always have one on the go), though I do admit I have some turquoise Amy Butler for Rowan Belle Organic DK I’m dying to cast on. I also have some really pretty pale green Sirdar Ella I want to get stuck into. But I’m holding firm. I do have two other shawls hiding upstairs in my stash and several pairs of socks. But I’m not, as I said, looking to knit lace and both sock patterns have a lace element. Looks like I’m going to have to do a bit of my Mum’s crochet blanket. Love love love these colours!
Each row takes 32 minutes & it has to be bed length so I reckon she’ll get it for Christmas. Christmas 2014….. I get distracted with my knitting!

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