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Kent, the beach & a little bit of crochet

At 5am on Good Friday, Mollie and I climbed in the car and headed out of Somerset along the motorway network towards my Dad & Stepmum’s home near Broadstairs in Kent. Dad and I had three fantastic walks with Mollie and their dog Blue during the 52 hours I was with them, the one on Saturday morning was the best as the sun came out, the windchill less than this morning and I could take some photos.

Here’s Mollie having a good run:

Playing with Blue!

Lovely sunny beach:

And a nice dry photo of the two dogs!

So when we aren’t on the beach we generally sit & chat and I like to have something to keep my hands occupied. My wrist is still aching from last weekend’s full-on knitting activity so this last week I’ve stuck with crochet and my Mum’s blanket. So for my visit I decided that my project would be a simple crochet scarf for my niece in the Sirdar Calico yarn left over from her birthday cardigan. Her birthday isn’t until May so I have plenty of time to complete it.

My pattern is from Rowan’s learn to crochet booklet, intended for a bamboo yarn but I think works well with all types of yarn.

I started with three rows of cream Louisa Harding ‘Grace’ yarn with beads; I had a small amount left over from a shawl I knitted up for my local yarn store for the Jubilee.

I think the heavier cream yarn will weight the scarf nicely. I then got stuck into crocheting in the pink Calico. I’m pleased with how it looks!

6 thoughts on “Kent, the beach & a little bit of crochet

  1. the dogs look like so much fun. I wish there was a place around for us to let our old dog run free (although, with the energy he had, im not sure he would come back for a while, lol)


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