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Having been away for three of the four days of the Easter break, my last day was spent with my Mum and sister and her family. We often exchange little gifts rather than chocolate as we all try not to eat too much. Though, lets be honest, we normally exchange some chocolate too! I’d made Mum a little crochet scarf and bought my sister a top. My nephew, niece & brother in law got chocolate. My husband had had his Easter egg the day before – he’d also failed to buy me one, but that’s another story. Apparently I have an IOU, quite what for I’m not entirely sure…  Anyway I was very pleased when my niece presented me with an egg box full of Creme eggs and delighted when my sister presented me with a teal coloured satchel with white spots and my Mum gave me a multicoloured spring scarf with the same blue in it. 




I am enjoying just gazing at them! They make me smile and are perfect for spring 🙂

Yesterday I also practised the new granny crochet square with the puff stitch in it. I have to get it right because I have to make one for a friend’s birthday blanket… I’m not much good at it!

6 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Lol, I got my new propagators in lieu of an egg, I think :), I’m not complaining though, as I love doing my gardening and get a real buzz when the green shoots start to appear.

    Love the satchel and the scarf and I really must try and learn how to crochet one day.


    • I was mildly irked at the lack of planning (and he does work in a supermarket!) but Hey, in the scheme of things, not that important… But the way he sat down & started eating it one evening was priceless. He is very generous so I’m definitely not complaining! Loving looking at your pictures of seeds by the way. I am not a gardener, I had some ‘no effort needed’ borders put in last year when the garden was turfed and I mow it. The gardener is coming to set the borders up for their growing season and will come back at the end; he mows monthly too. I love having a garden but I can’t get the enthusiasm up for doing the work even though I would love to grow my own veg. Maybe when I retire in 27 years time! Now, knitting while sitting on my bench watching my bunnies and admiring the freshly mown grass and maybe the petunias (blowsy I know, but I love ’em) I like to plant in several pots I have, that is my idea of bliss!


      • Lol – please don’t talk to me about bunnies. Little Mudlet fell in love with a gorgeous little black rabbit, with white nose and 4 white feet which she saw in Pets at Home over the weekend. She was tearful as we left because ‘he will miss me and I will miss him’ and ‘what if he isn’t there next time we go in?’ I did point out that if he wasn’t there then it would be good news because he would have found a nice, loving home but this didn’t cheer her up at all.

        We don’t have pets, by the way, due to allergies and, in the case of bunny rabbits/guniea pigs, the abundance of foxes and badgers in our area, although I’m fairly sure Mud could over engineer the building of a suitably secure hutch and run, so the girls love looking at the furries, fish and reptiles whenever we’re near a Pets at Home.

        I feel the need to get some wool – have another baby to knit for and I still fancy making myself something for a change, just don’t know what as yet 🙂


      • Uh-oh *klaxon alert for Claire getting on her hobbyhorse…*. We support & the husband volunteer drives for a rabbit rescue – rabbits are the most abandoned and badly looked after pets in the UK… If you do give in, you need to adopt a neutered mixed sex pair (who have been bonded) from a rescue, buy a huge hutch with a run attached (there are some great individuals out there building really nice runs) and get a subscription to the Rabbit Welfare Association, cos their magazines are invaluable. Plus they need vaccinations, fly strike spray and lots of other things, incluing stimulating things… They basically cost as much as a dog! And my two definitely aren’t children friendly. Some buns like to be picked up, some don’t. Mine don’t but luckily I like to just watch them, they’re hilarious.
        *takes deep breath* sorry about that. Look forward to reading about the knitting 🙂 you on Ravelry? I find looking at patterns on there really inspiring.


  2. It’s ok Claire, we wont be getting a rabbit any day soon 🙂 Mud prefers domestic rats but even they are out of the question right now. My youngest has a very sensitive and soft heart which causes all sorts of problems when we find dead birds in the garden and when a neighbours cat (we think) got our friendly blackbird last year, she was heartbroken.

    Not on Ravelry but I shall certainly have a look 😉


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