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Getting back to some sock knitting

I finished my second crochet scarf this evening.  I wanted to finish up some Sirdar Calico I had left over from a cardigan I knitted for my soon to be 8 year old niece. There wasn’t masses left over so it’s quite a short scarf but she’ll be happy with it and its another item to add to her birthday pressies!

Sorry the photo isn’t great – I took it where the light isn’t great.

I’d been doing crochet because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to knit… I have several projects I need to finish and I am determined not to cast on any more until I have at least finished the cardy I have started for my sister’s birthday in August. I’m combining a couple of patterns, which I don’t find easy at the best of times, but it’s also not a particularly interesting knit either.
I’ve enjoyed playing around with the colour at the end of the feather & fan pattern but its not enough to encourage me to get on with it. I’ve cast on the second front now and am making myself do at least four rows a day. That way I will definitely get it done by August.

Anyway with the crochet scarf done I had to think about what next and trawling through my Ravelry page I came across the two pairs of socks I started a couple of years ago. I have done sock knitting before but I don’t find it exciting! When I cast these on I had decided I needed to learn to love sock knitting because so many people enjoy it. I wondered whether plain stocking stitch was the reason I wasn’t enjoying it and decided to chose a pattern with a lace element. I then came up with a plan to choose two patterns; I would knit one sock of each pattern in turn and then the second sock of each, so I wouldn’t get bored. I chose a pretty pattern from Let’s Knit magazine and a Cookie A pattern from Ravelry. I got through one sock of the first pattern and half way through the first sock of the second sock and then got sidetracked into other projects… But I feel the need to wear some handmade socks, so I’ve dug the bag of socks out this evening and plan to get stuck in tomorrow.

However it will have to be after I’ve sewn up a jumper for my friend. She can knit but can’t sew up, so I offered months ago, and it’s been sitting upstairs at my Mums since then! I’d like to give it to her on Monday: she’s had a tough time recently and deserves something nice. Anyway, at 2.45am, I’d better go to bed.

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