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Just loving my sock knitting

I am normally the last person to wish to knit on anything smaller than 4mm needles. I love Aran and 5mms, I’m never happier than casting on something on 6.5 or 8mm. Or even 10mm. I love my 10mm needles! Equally I have never even considered knitting a garment on less than 4mm – the 4ply baby pattern and yarn I bought by accident were swiftly passed to my Mum to knit up. And yet, here I am enthusiastically knitting a sock on 2.5mm DPNs…

Now the top ribbing is done and I’m in to the lace section, I’m really enjoying it. It isn’t the fastest knit ever as I have to be precise in the yarn on’s and yarn over’s and general lace pattern. But it’s not difficult and the outcome is really attractive.

I can’t wait to get these on my feet! And I’m already planning on buying some super duper expensive sock wool I saw in my local yarn store now I’m a proper sock knitter…

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