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Developing a habit?

I think this sock knitting lark is developing into something more fully formed.  Yesterday, while on Ravelry, I discovered the When Granny Weatherwax Knits series of sock patterns by Rachel Cooper.  Now I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan as well as a knitting fan – I frequently knit accompanied by an audio book, often Pratchett (I am gradually buying all of his books on audiobook) – and the idea of making some socks that are an homage to the characters really appeals to me.  Added to that, there is a specific yarn to go with each of the patterns, made by the Knitting Goddess.  If you haven’t seen the yarn she makes, please go and have a look here http://www.theknittinggoddess.co.uk/ you won’t be disappointed! 

So, yesterday lunchtime, I found myself, in quick succession buying the entire Rachel Cooper ebook and a wonderful skein of bright yellow sock yarn to make the Conina patten.  More no doubt when I cast on these socks.  But just owning the patterns makes me feel happy!


My other sock is coming on just fine – I did a good chunk yesterday evening.  What I really like about this Cookie A pattern is that it is just complicated enough to be interesting, but also quite easy to memorise, so you can get on with it without checking the pattern all the time. 

I downloaded the pattern from Knitty http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring06/PATThedera.html.  I think the lacework is really pretty and works with the brightly coloured yarn.  I know some people think that lace looks better in one colour, and generally I would agree (if you’re going to knit lace, you want people to see it’s a lace pattern and not get stuck at the colour) but I do like the combination in this sock.  That may be because that’s what I’m currently knitting 🙂

I hope to be wearing these next week!

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