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Knitting for babies

When it comes to knitting for a new baby I think people tend to fall into two camps – those who knit garments and those who knit blankets. I used to be in the former group. I would spend hours turning out some little masterpiece in bamboo or some more expensive yarn, something with detail, something unusual. The recipients, or rather their parents (or if we’re being completely honest, their mothers) were always delighted and I know the items were, mostly, worn. The trouble is, babies grow. Quite fast really.

So, I took to making blankets when women I know are expecting babies. I still make garments for my nephew, niece and step grandson – and will no doubt for my 6 month old godson – but if there’s a baby coming along outside that group, it’s a blanket. And more often than not its a version of the Baby Chalice Blanket by Karen S Lauger. You can see the Ravelry page for it here>. I love this pattern. I love how it looks, how it knits up, how the lace looks fantastically complicated but isn’t, how it’s knitted in aran weight so it just whizzes up on the needles…

Here’s my favourite version (in a remarkably neutral colour for me!):

And my most recent version for godson I:
Apologies for the terrible photo. It’s purple.

And of course the brilliant thing about baby blankets is no sewing up 😃

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