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Thinking about Christmas… on the first truly warm day of the year!

It’s bank holiday Monday and a whole day that could be used constructively stretched ahead of me this morning. So of course, instead of making the most of it, I got up late, lounged about, read blogs, knitted a little, wandered over to my Mum’s for lunch, came back, knitted a little more, hung out with Mollie and the bunnies and nothing else. I *could* have done any amount of housework or got the garden furniture out of the garage or sorted out the front garden, but I didn’t. In fact the closest I got to chores was thinking about making a list of jobs that need to be done….

I managed to take this picture as both Molls and Flora were looking at me:
Flora is a medium sized bunny and her hutch mate, who is shy and therefore absent from the picture, is Arnold, a little black mini Rex. He’s just perfect. Flora isn’t, as she’s prone to growling and biting but she’s a real character. They’re currently living in temporary accommodation while the bunny palace, which I’ve just ordered, is made and delivered. They had to be moved from their usual location for measuring and to get rid of the old hutch which collapsed. I can’t wait for the new one because the run will be much taller and I’m hoping to have tubes & tunnels into other parts of the garden for them πŸ˜„.

One thing I did think about today was that I needed to make mincemeat for Christmas – and started preparing a shopping list! I like to make my own mincemeat. That way I know it’s definitely vegetarian and absolutely nut free (I’m allergic). It’s not too early to make it, I should have done it in January, so its really matured by the time Christmas rolls round. I got a bit distracted and ended up going on line to look for nice labels to go on my jars. This would be a colossal waste of money as I don’t make jam or chutney (life is too short) so there isn’t anything in my Kilner jars apart from mincemeat, so in the end I didn’t. I did however discover in the cupboard where I keep my jars a shop bought jar of mincemeat the husband bought home from work (a supermarket) one day after Christmas, which I had forgotten about. Now I am in many ways quite easy going regarding foodstuffs he buys on a whim, which can range from the odd to the expensive, but I did get irritated by that. I make my own delicious mincemeat and Christmas cake and I don’t expect him to blooming well buy either of those… We won’t even go into the time one October he said he didn’t want a Christmas cake, so I don’t make one & he then bought one on Christmas Eve! I haven’t asked him ever since as my family will eat it if he doesn’t. Anyway, I have one jar left from last year, which should be absolutely deelish when we open it!
Spot the imposter…

And yes, I have started thinking about my Christmas knitting. I always do about this time and start the actual knitting in July. That way I can have lots of projects, a reasonable deadline and a reason to buy yarn… But before then it’s my sisters birthday. Did a fair bit today:

Hoping to finish the sleeve shaping before dinner….

6 thoughts on “Thinking about Christmas… on the first truly warm day of the year!

  1. Ah that’s just a front. I happen to have some veggie suet and my husband is totally cool with me buying lots of yarn if it’s for presents. Not in fairness that he’s not cool at other times but he has been known to ask if I really needed it…. But I suppose if you like to make everyone something nice you need to think early about it! πŸ˜ƒ


  2. The ‘C’ word is banned in our house until November 1st at the absolute earliest and anybody caught using it (or the one for the jolly old man who likes to dress in red and owns several flying reindeer), looses a present from their wishlist. I think both younger Mudlets are already in minus figures due to their delight in making mummy give them ‘the look’. Lol πŸ˜€


    • Haha go mudlets! I don’t myself like to think about the C word too early. The only exceptions are I make mincemeat early in the year, the cake in October and I plan my knitting because my Mum, sister, aunt & niece by and large only get knitted items. Plus then there’s no panic knitting close to The C word because this when I do voluntary work at the charity card shop in my parish church etc.


    • Thank you – though in many ways I am very unorganised (anything housework and gardening related) but I like making presents for people so I organise myself in that respect! I am quite liking this piece of knitting now…


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