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Ordering a bunny palace

So, we have two rabbits. They’re called Flora (white & beige bunny) and Arnold (adorably little black mini Rex) and are both just over three years old. They are their own people, don’t do cuddles or being picked up but I love them to bits.
I do clean the run every day – but they like to make a good old mess, chucking stuff about and making a mess…

A little while back the hutch I bought in April 2010 when I first got Arnold fell apart and they've been living in temporary (and far too small) hutch accommodation attached to their run until I got round to ordering a new hutch.

The falling apart bit happened after Christmas, when our Christmas present from my Mum was a rather large cheque expressly for a bunny palace I have been wanting for ages. As the said handmade purpose-built bunny palace will need treating with rabbit friendly wood treatment when it arrives, I didn't want to buy it until the cold/ rainy weather was over. After the weekend we've just had I decided today was the day to get on and order it.

I have picked a 5x5x2 ft hutch from http://www.rehutches.com – you can see the actual one here and a 5x4ft run to go with it. I have to phone and place the actual order this evening after 8pm but I am so delighted and can’t wait to introduce them their new home!

In addition, as the new bunny palace will be entirely on our patio, I have been browsing the Runaround website to see if I can add a few tunnels and binky boxes. I am very tempted by the large binky circuit set up, but as I do not have £600 to buy it, I think Flora and Arnold will have to make do with a tunnel and their current quite clapped out old run further down the garden. I might however treat Arnold to a binky box as he is a speedy little chap who loves running around.

I have no doubt that stroppy Flora will be incredibly unimpressed by her palatial new home, but I’m confident Arnold will be happy – as will I watching them!

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