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Mincemeat making…

After getting up late (there may have been a champagne induced headache…) and having doughnuts and diet coke for breakfast (I know, I know):
(Morning after the night before! I love these champagne bowls, any excuse to use them.)

I spent the morning knitting the cuff on my sister’s cardigan:

I then headed into the kitchen for some cleaning and sorting. In our house, I cook, he washes up. This means in reality he tends to do a big sort out every couple of days. Normally this doesn’t bother me (my lack of domesticity may have been documented here before) but I find it very annoying when I need a sparkling clean kitchen in order to bake. Or maybe preserve? Not sure what mincemeat is…. Also, as an aside, how is it possible that a man can clean a kitchen but not see (and not clean) a filthy stove?!

So, chores done, I assembled what I would need. I wanted to make some regular mincemeat with a cider base (the cider replacing brandy) and some cherry mincemeat using glacé cherries instead of peel and cherry liqueur instead of brandy.

So, an hours weighing and chopping later I have two bowls of mixture that will stand now ’til tomorrow morning when I put them in jars. The white bowl is the cider mixture and that in the red the cherry.

Now I’m going to sit down and knit 😃

3 thoughts on “Mincemeat making…

  1. Can’t fault doughnuts and diet coke (well regular coke if it were me) for a breakfast choice – sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

    Looking forward to seeing how the sleeve knits up. I thought the two front pieces matched very well indeed. I love that wool and once I’ve finished the baby jacket I’m currently knitting (was tempted by the blanket but then came across my favourite baby jacket pattern, Peter Pan P838, whilst looking for something else), I really must work on something for myself for a change 😉


  2. “How is it possible that a man can clean a kitchen but not see (and not clean) a filthy stove?!” One of life’s great mysteries, right up there with how a man can clean out the grate, but not see the heap of splinters on the floor around the log basket a foot away! He say focussed, I say blinkered! 🙂


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