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A chilly May Sunday

Unusually I spent today at home. Normally I spend Sundays with my Mum and sister but today I had loads of little jobs I wanted to do. First up was bottling the mincemeat.

I’ve got a good collection of Kilner Jars now. I really like the way they look and feel:

Here are the jars filled!

Mollie spent most of the day in her basket. Sometimes fast asleep
Occasionally awake and not in the mood to be photographed!

I found my nephew’s birthday presents…
And wrapped them up. Love the ‘little gems’ paper!

I had an important note to write to someone and decided to use one of the cards that had been printed with Mollie’s portrait on. A friend, Liz Strachan, drew Mollie’s portrait for my husband for Christmas and when she sent me the portrait she also sent some cards. I hadn’t used one until today.
Please do have a look at Liz Strachan’s website. www.lizstrachan.co.uk She’s so clever – and Mollie’s portrait is on the front page!

I also did quite a lot on the sleeve today but I haven’t taken a photo! Mostly because we went to my nephew’s birthday dinner this evening 😀

3 thoughts on “A chilly May Sunday

    • She is fab! I don’t want to make you jealous (and I have been roaring with laughter reading your blog, particularly the bit about having to direct the runners) but Mollie (aged nearly 7) is just about the most well behaved dog you have ever met. In particular she doesn’t steal things. She might eat your dinner if you left it on the floor but then again she might not. She does occasionally show coprophagic tendencies but I try and make sure she doesn’t have an opportunity to indulge. I think her worst habit is getting into the black sack of rabbit droppings and having a snack on them and the sawdust which makes delightful poo ultimately – not!


      • I am jealous! Am waiting for the time Ruby ‘settles down’ (she is nearly 3) but I fear this won’t come. Had an awful day today (involving a film crew’s breakfast) which I need to bring myself to write about.


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