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Thank you fashionistas

Acceptable footwear for work based and conference situations during the months when boots are impractical and its not warm enough for sandals seem to me to fall into three categories:
1. comfy and practical and generally UGLY
2. heels (including wedges)
3. Those dratted little flat ballet shoe style pumps

I am 5ft10″ and built on larger lines. I loom in general circumstances anyway. Add even a small heel and I, well, loom even more. Ballet pumps look ridiculous as I have flat feet… I like to be smart and reasonably fashionable without overdoing it so this has been a conundrum. Plus I broke my ankle four years ago and I had thought I was probably looking at practical and ugly (with perhaps a hint of Velcro!) in my shoe choices as even small heels get uncomfortable after a while.

Then suddenly women’s brogues started appearing in shops! In colours! Smart FLAT shoes. Smart, flat, COMFY shoes! I love them!

Whichever forward thinking fashionista brought these in has my undying gratitude.

Mine are from Clarks. My next pair will be colourful 🙂

I realise from the picture that you can still tell which one I broke (right ankle) as I don’t have the same curve in my leg as the left…

Knitting pictures will be back soon! Hopefully later. I’ve had a few evening meetings 😁

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