Knitting angst

So, I really want to do some knitting but I have two issues:

1. I have been trying to force myself to finish my sister’s birthday cardigan. That mostly involves finishing (or rather starting) the second sleeve. The trouble is I’m fed up with the whole project. Focussing on one project only does not suit me. At present I’m promising myself I can start something new if I do the sleeve, I don’t have to finish the whole project off. That hasn’t, so far, convinced me to start.

2. My left wrist hurts… this is a knitting strain and it really annoys me.

And this at the start of a bank holiday weekend! Arrgggghhh!

Update at 10.40pm BST
I cast on the sleeve. I’ve done 10 rows. I feel like I have achieved something by doing that even if my wrist now really hurts 😦

3 thoughts on “Knitting angst

  1. How far off is the birthday? can you give the wrist a couple of days rest? The sun is shining – well it is here – and now might be a good time to sit in the garden with a book and relax for a while.

    Right I need to go think up questions 7 – 11. Might just get my post done by Christmas 🙂 😉


    1. Not til August 🙂
      It’s just I’ve been trying not to have 20 things on the go… However it seems that’s how I like to work!
      Weather not good enough to sit in garden here!
      Niece’s birthday today. There may be cake…


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