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My weekend started by being given this card:

From my newly 11 year old nephew:
I think that’s definitely a card worth having. And even better than that, I was given the PSP so we only paid for his phone 😄. He’s a good kid and a pleasure to be around.

I then came home to a quiet house and a chance to have a good browse through Ravelry and look at yarns. A friend in America and I, after a jokey chat on Facebook have agreed to knit each other a scarf/ shawl plus a matching one for our dogs Mollie and Annie… If that sounds crazy, it started off as matching jumpers… I had a good look through Revelry and suggested we try one of Martina Behm’s patterns from her Hitchhiker Trilogy.

We’ve agreed to do Trillian, which looks great fun to knit:
(This picture is a screenshot taken from my iPad of the picture on Ravelry.)
I really love the long thin construction of these scarves.

I have also fallen in love with Hitchhiker from the same pattern series:
(Again, the photo is a screenshot of the picture on Ravelry.)

Only the fact that the sleeve of my sister’s birthday cardigan is on my favourite Knit Pro 4mms is preventing me from grabbing some Noro from my stash and getting stuck in… (I’ve already bought the patterns!). Wouldn’t it just be fab knitted in this?!

Sigh. However I have a Colinette pattern to finish as well as the cardigan sleeve, and I’ll be knitting Trillian soon enough. Twice! Once in dog size…

Which brings me to a point where I want some advice, particularly (but not exclusively from my North American fellow bloggers)… I’ve been hankering after some Koigu for a while as I follow them on Facebook and I just love some of their colour combinations, and this seemed like the ideal project to buy some. I think we are going to go for a DK or equivalent and knit on 4mm, which would be Koigu Kersti. However I can’t seem to find anywhere that stocks their full range online, and I understand from their website that they do all colour ways in all weights. Can you suggest a good online store?

For anyone who hasn’t seen this yarn, check out their website here.

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