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Sunny Somerset Sunday

After I finished my CAL post, I went round to Mum’s and raided her stash for suitable acrylic DK. I now have a good selection:
Some of the colours will need replenishing but I know where I’m going with it colourwise now!

I then went food shopping, had a chat with a couple of friends on the phone. Mum came round at lunchtime with Lucy the spangold:
After lunch we went for a walk over the fields.

Just as I got back our new rabbit hutch, the nicknamed Bunny Palace (or as D calls it The Doe and Buck-ingham Palace) was being delivered.
I am just delighted with it! There’s a large run that fits on the front of it too.

I then watered the tomato plants:
As well as the courgette and the petunias out front!

I managed to get this picture of Flora. See how pretty she is with long eyelashes!

And of course, now it’s nice, Molls spends her entire time out on the grass.
This picture shows how badly the grass needs reseeding. It’s being done soon I hope!

4 thoughts on “Sunny Somerset Sunday

  1. Wow, the bunny palace really is a palace. Molly’ll be feeling left out if you’re not careful 🙂

    Seeing all the lovely yarn you have makes me itch to find a nice pattern and get knitting but the gardens have first dibs on my time at the moment.


      • lol I like that she shares it with you. Very thoughtful of her. I actually have been to Scotland, so have seen the beautiful houses you have there – yes, they are tinier than our sprawling things, but they seem to work just fine. My sister lived in Paris for many years in an apartment that was not much bigger than her bed. I thought it was a little extreme, but it was in Paris, after all! Worth the sacrifice.


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