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Has summer arrived?

It’s been just about 20c today. In some parts of the world, this is not that impressive! But here in the UK that’s nice and warm.  Today I wore clothes I’ve been wearing all spring (a tunic dress and leggings) but with sandals and crucially NO COAT…! And compared to some people, I’m seriously overdressed! I’ve seen a woman in a halter neck sundress, two girls wearing the skimpiest shorts ever and even some very short men’s shorts. That was not a great look! It has been lovely (for here) but it isn’t *that* warm. Not to dress like you’re off to the beach!

I was very proud of myself, I walked everywhere today, which Mollie enjoyed, but I’m exhausted!

5 thoughts on “Has summer arrived?

  1. Please remember – 20 degrees is NOT summer – you will catch cold. It was 20 here yesterday and as you can imagine I wore a thermal top, big jumper, trousers, boots and coat. Had a beanie (bobble hat?) on walking Ruby – very attractive 🙂 Enjoy it while it lasts.


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