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I never posted a picture of this skein of loveliness!
I’ve had it for about a month; it’s from The Knitting Goddess and it’s merino 4 ply for socks. It’s LOVELY. And it’s called Sourcerer’s Eyes and is the recommended yarn for ‘Conina’ by Rachel Coopey. I want to buy many many skeins from The Knitting Goddess! In fact every single colour way in every single weight of yarn. Now that would be some stash!

Today since I got home from work, Mollie has been chilling out:

And I’ve been getting stuck in to Trillian. I love this pattern and I love this yarn. And normally if I’m knitting on anything less than 4mm, I’m moaning after an inch, but not at the mo!

Anyway, Mollie thinks its time I stopped blogging and give her a cuddle!

4 thoughts on “Yarn

    • I discovered through Mollie’s twitter account (!) that this is known as a woogle. I just love the online community. There are many many people out there who ave twitter accounts for their dogs/ cats/ rabbits. It’s been such fun so far.


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