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What is a salad…

This is a frivolous post but I thought it might amuse people. My husband reckons he’s happy to eat salad, which we do a lot in the summer. Today, because we had a meeting, I wanted my dinner early, while he said he’d hang on til afterwards. I had rocket leaves, watercress leaves, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, egg and a few potatoes. It was a proper looking salad and it was delicious. Damon had this:
I pointed out that a tomato on top of egg, potato and cheese with chilli mayo is not a salad. He indignantly pointed to a small amount of celery… I think I’ll be making future salads!

4 thoughts on “What is a salad…

  1. Ha, ha! Typical man’s salad! (Huge generalisation based on the ‘salads’ some men at work drown in mayonnaise, and add to with a meat pie and a cake from the local shop)


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