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Midsummer Trillian update


Midsummer Trillian update

The last update was the last red/ bright orange stripe!

I’m not sure this is going to end up with its original intended recipient, the colour way has turned out quite masculine. Might keep this for Dad & turn my Lang Wool purchased in Manchester into another Trillian…

I love this pattern! And I’ve been noticeably faithful to it as well…!

3 thoughts on “Midsummer Trillian update

  1. it is coming right along. It is interesting to me how different the yarn can look on teh skein as opposed to worked up – as you say, this is turning out to be fairly masculine in its colorwau, but the skein did not seem to be. I am impressed how you are sticking with it. πŸ™‚


    • I know – I loved the skein and kept them for ages to make the right thing. I didn’t see or notice the black stripe, I think that makes all the difference, but there’s a lot more blue than I thought as well. I’m sticking with it because I love the pattern. It’s weirdly addictive!


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