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The Owl Cushion

My step daughter in law’s birthday present has arrived.  I purchased an Owl Cushion from Love, Lucie’s folksy shop.  I love it so much I am almost tempted to keep it, but I won’t because I think Judie will love it even more than me!

Looking at it and also admiring Lucie’s excursions into oil cloth pegbags and A Conversation with Moo’s cushions today has made me want to learn to sew home furnishings.  I can handsew very neatly (my Granny taught me how to darn gauze!) but I suspect a sewing machine is a useful adjunct to making lovely cushions etc. And let’s be honest, the chances of me handsewing a cushion is as likely as me fitting a size 10 (ie it’s never going to happen).

I might have a look at local course to see what is available. Or I could ask my Mum to teach me.

My problem with these plans is likely to be a lack of patience, my willingness to go ‘oh that will do’ and my general dislike of finishing off.  Apart from that, I think I’m ideally suited to something that requires patience, care and attention to detail….

One thought on “The Owl Cushion

  1. I would pick up a cheap sewing machine from somewhere like Argos and just have a play. If you can follow a knitting patern you can follow instructions on how to thread up the machine.
    Start with a simple envelope style cushion. No finishing off required and no zips.


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