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Trillian is finished!

I am supposed to be in bed (it’s 10.45) as we have a 6am start in the morning as we’re off to Wales for the day to see some friends, I had to post these pictures as I’m so excited!

It’s done! I’ve learnt a lot with this project. Firstly, the skein doesn’t always knit up how you expected (yes, duh, I knew that but…), second that sock wool varies SO much. This Noro silk garden sock is lovely but quite thick for a sock yarn with lots of thick and thin variations. It’s created a very dense fabric, really warm, but not draping in the way I wanted. So, I’m going to have to knit it again! I think if I knitted a scarf or shawl with this yarn again I’d go up to a 4mm needle.





20 thoughts on “Trillian is finished!

  1. Your Trillian is beautiful! Lots of knitters have a love-hate relationship with Noro yarn. The good news is that it will soften up amazingly – just by wearing. I made a Multnomah from Noro sock yarn and it gets lovelier by the day!


    • Yes, that’s a good point, it does soften up. I absolutely adore Noro and I love to knit with it, in all its variations, this one just doesn’t drape how I wanted it to… My favourite shawl is made from Noro sekku and kidsilk haze stranded together! I LOVE that!


  2. Always a great feeling when a project is completed but always frustrating when it’s not completely how you expect.
    Looks lovely from here and wonderful under a warm winter coat.


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