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Neglected crochet…

In my new found obsession with the Crochet Along I’m taking part in, I’ve done hardly anything on my Mum’s blanket recently and as its only about 25% done and I’d like to give it to her for her birthday in August, I need to get a shift on. The trouble is (as ever) is that it’s really tedious… She wants a full size blanket and back in late December I set up a chevron pattern using a 3.5mm hook and three different yarns.
It is looking wonderful, but the trouble is that it takes SO long to do a row – at least 32 mins – that I tend to pick something else up instead.
I just need to try and focus on it and to that end I’ve brought it downstairs and worked out how many rows I need to do a week! I need to do 147 more rows – that’s about 78 hours worth of work… If I do 24.5 rows a week I’ll get it finished by August 10th. I’ll see how I get on this next week.
If I manage it easily then ok, but I am going on holiday to Poland for a week during the next 6 weeks and I want to decorate our smallest bedroom… I might buy her some amber in Poland instead & finish this for Christmas! Which reminds me, I have to finish a couple of things for my sister’s birthday on August 23rd…

7 thoughts on “Neglected crochet…

  1. This is really lovely. You know, as much as I try, I just don’t enjoy crocheting the chevron pattern so much. I wish I did, because the results look awesome.


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