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Letting reality filter through

Ok, I *know* I can’t finish Mum’s blanket for her birthday without spending every waking hour doing it. I think even once I’d written it down last night I knew that, especially with a week away and the CAL and other commitments, not least of which is a full time job! So I’ve decided I’m going to finish my sister’s cardigan and then cast on one for Mum in a pattern she has requested. I can make both of those happen in the right time.

This means I’m going to have to give Trillian a break for a bit, but it means I can save it for my holiday, which will be nice.


Update 10.50pm. So, by making an effort with my sister’s cardigan today, I now only have two borders & sewing up to do and it’s finished. I *will* have knitted birthday presents for 10th & 23rd August respectively!

5 thoughts on “Letting reality filter through

    • And my reward for being sensible and tackling the cardigan for my sister that I got bored with several months ago is that I’ve finished the second sleeve, joined the shoulder seams and knitted one of the front borders and just have the second front border, the neck border & making up to go. It’ll be finished by Wednesday and I will not only have a present but a sense of achievement too!


    • Welcome to my world of WIPs and UFOs! That’s why sometimes I finish several things at the same time. I am fickle, easily bored, easily captivated, frequently obsessed and mildly disorganised with my crafting. Unlike my work. Hmmm probably something psychological there!


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