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It’s a question of taste…

At the weekend, the husband and I discussed our recent spate of breakages and how we needed some new drinking glasses. We both like a mix of styles and currently have a diminishing but eclectic selection. Over the last two days we have both bought two new ones.

I went for some American soda style glasses from M&S (good value at £3 each) because he was regretting a lack of pint glasses:

He bought these. Because they were 36p each on the bargain shelf at Sainsburys:
Ok, they’re a nice shape, but with branding on the side?!!!!

Guess which one I’ll be using!

And here’s me thinking we’d add to our hand blown collection. I have one of these, by an amazing glass artist from my home town:
I want a whole set!

2 thoughts on “It’s a question of taste…

  1. I like the chunky pint glass – there’s less chance of dropping it due to the condensation that occurs when ice cold liquid goes into room temperature glass (well I think there is – a wet smooth sided glass has got to be more prone to slipping out of a hand) 😀 Love the hand blown glass as well.


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