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A night out

As well as decorating, we’d arranged to go out for dinner with some friends at a really nice pub. It meant I got to dress up, which doesn’t happen often, in my favourite turquoise sundress (I love the colour, just not on walls!) and some fancy shoes πŸ˜„

Plus I got to use my cute new handbag I bought this week for a very reasonable price in a shop that’s closing down. How fab is this?!


While we were out I noticed I still had paint speckles on my toes…

Good shoes or what?!
No, they are not comfortable but I only had to totter a short way before I got to sit down πŸ˜‰

It was a good evening! I can recommend Kopperberg cider on a warm night πŸ˜„
This cider caused me to drench my feet while watering the plants and to attempt to photo myself in the mirror…

Good night all!

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