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Decorating – part 3

Our third bedroom is now pink. I have to admit here that when we bought the paint we wanted a hint of pink, not actually pink. My husband agreed happily to hint of pink, as the room is one I mostly use, but we have agreed that all decor should be something we both choose. However clearly ‘hint of pink’ is NOT the colour paint we bought. It’s on the walls now and it is incredibly pink. I mean *really* pink… In fact the kind of sugary pink colour that would thrill any six year old girl. A Disney Princess would be happy to live in it. My husband, to his eternal credit, has taken it in his stride…




Well it’s done now and now I’ve got over the shock of the bright colour, I secretly love it (while expressing surprise at the colour to the husband…)! I’m very lucky that my Mum, who is brilliant at decorating and who basically supervised me πŸ˜„, is willing to help out. And she encouraged me to buy the stripey carpet. Photos of that in 10 days!

So with all the decorating hard work, I’ve only had a chance to do one row of the CAL! Must do a little more now.

8 thoughts on “Decorating – part 3

  1. oh-ho, I love it! it is very pink, but I think this room will pop when you are done – can;t wait to see the rug.

    And I know you will get to your CAL rows and your trillium…. so may beautiful things coming out of your house these days!


    • I think, if I had said I wanted to paint the room that colour he would have agreed, as long as it wasn’t our bedroom. However, as the paint purchasing was a joint mistake – a genuine mistake – then he just thinks its a bit funny. He does love colour though – he adores the yellow kettle I gave him for Christmas, and he chose the pink handled cutlery for our use at home…


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