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Mollie’s birthday

I am embarrassed to admit that I forgot it was Mollie’s birthday today. My Mum reminded me by text message while I was at a meeting in London… Luckily I had already bought a few treats the other day.

I managed to get in a little more of Trillian 2 on the train, photos in daylight. And THEN I must finish my CAL tomorrow 😄

15 thoughts on “Mollie’s birthday

  1. Claire, I think my comments on other peoples posts are mistakenly being put into spam, so I’m trying it out on yours. Askimet has apparently tightened up its spam filters and catching non-spam comments. If this appears as a comment on this post then I apologise – please delete it 🙂


  2. Phew! Lucky you already had some treats on hand, or Mollie might have had to do her not-happy-Mum face like Moo does! Happy birthday gorgeous Mollie x


  3. Mollie is such a cutie, good job you had treats on hand or you could have been in real trouble. We had a sad moment last month as it was the anniversary of the passing of my sons beloved chocolate labrador, Fudge, he was such a sweetheart but sadly had a tumour on his spine so we lost him at only 5 years old. Put a reminder in your mobile for Mollie’s birthday for next year and enjoy your beautiful friend. Sorry I don’t mean to put a damper on Mollie’s celebration but just felt the need to share, please forgive me.


    • Hello! You didn’t put a damper. I think it’s as important to remember dogs with love (and other pets too) as they are part of our family and in many ways more immediate. I see Mollie far more than my Dad for example!
      I am ashamed to admit her birthday is not only in my phone but also my paper diary… I just missed them. I had actually bought her birthday presents last week, so all was well!
      Oh and also – I found your comment in my spam folder. I know Elaine over at http://thelandroverownerswife.wordpress.com/ has been having problems with this too – might be worth keeping an eye out as to whether your comments are being posted.


    • Apologies Claire but this was the only way I could think of to ask thegrangerange to check her spam folder for a comment I tried to make 😦 This spam thing is really starting to bug me now – even more than the caterpillars munching their way through the school polytunnel plants and that’s saying something!


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