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Things are growing!

I can’t compete with The Land Rover Owner’s Wife in gardening terms and if I’m honest, I wouldn’t want to! But I have been quite thrilled that my three tomato plants and courgette appear to be flourishing. I am trying not to be jealous that my Mum, who planted her courgette a week after me, does have baby courgettes on her plant and I don’t…



Herb planter. Mint, sage & oregano:

And pansies. Not edible but beautiful:

Equally non edible but just as beautiful, Mollie was helping with the gardening today…

Hope you’re having a happy week!

6 thoughts on “Things are growing!

  1. Lol actually you may well find that pansies are edible but Mollie is definitely only suitable for cuddling 😀

    Looks to me as though your courgette has flowers forming and more importantly one of them appears to be a female (but it was a bit difficult to see for sure in the photo). Trust me, once the courgettes start coming, even with one plant, you’ll soon have plenty 🙂


      • Well i reckon that by the time you’ve tasted your own tomatoes and courgettes, there will be no going back 🙂 You’ll want to grow at least these next year – it is inevitable. What was it the Borg used to say in Star Trek ……..

        “resistance is futile – you will be assimilated”

        😀 😀


  2. Due to previous poor summers, I’ve not bothered with toms this year. Big, big mistake!!!!! I think there might be still time to get a couple of plants.
    Hope to start harvesting the peas next week. Loving the weather.


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