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A nearly finished birthday cardigan

With great restraint, I have avoided casting on another project and forced myself to finish this cardigan for my sister. All the knitting is done now. All I need to do is sew it up, fit in the sleeves, find a button and block it…


7 thoughts on “A nearly finished birthday cardigan

    • Not really – the bulk of the knitting was done ages ago, I just had to do the button bands which are fiddly and the collar. I hate finishing off – that’s why I like shawls and blankets! It’s just sewing in the ends!


  1. Claire, it is really pretty, she will love it. And then it will be done, and not hanging over you any more.
    How’s the decorating coming – have you got big plans for laying a rug this weekend?


    • I’m currently setting in the sleeves. It’s getting dark here now so I probably won’t be able to take photos til tomorrow. I will be soooo glad when it’s done!
      My lovely Mum did the gloss work today as I find it makes me wheeze (asthmatic) and then the carpet goes down on Wednesday. THIS weekend I am decorating Mum’s sitting room!


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