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Lucy helps with the decorating

Mum and I are decorating her living room today. There’s not much to show, it started cream and vintage green:

And it has ended today apricot white on the top half and undercoat white on the bottom, ready for ‘Walnut White’ on the lower half tomorrow:

The majority of the amusement was provided by 1 year old spangold Lucy, known generally as Norty Lucy, who got into everything, ended up covered in paint and requiring a full wash down in the garden by the end of the day!

Before she got covered in paint…

Helping with the dust sheet:

Fanning the workers with her massive tail…

Before a lunchtime face wash:

At lunchtime, sitting in Mum’s 47 year old suitcase she keeps the painting sheets in:

Having managed to dip her ear in the paint pot, this was before wash 2…

Hoping to finish the cardigan tonight & photograph it tomorrow.

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