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A new obsession – and a smug feeling

I have a confession. I am bursting, literally bursting to cast on a new pattern. I hold ‘Knits & Crafts of Derring Do’ over at http://dappleapple.wordpress.com/ entirely to blame. Go and check out her most recent post about knitted bunnies. She has a thing going on with Julie Williams’ Little Cotton Rabbit pattern, is finding it addictive. I took one look at her post and IMMEDIATELY searched out and found Ms Williams’ blog http://littlecottonrabbits.typepad.co.uk/ and downloaded both the pattern and the dresses patterns. I have to make this for my niece!

In other news today I have worked 8 hours, spent 3 hours decorating Mums sitting room (it’s done now) and mowed my 80ft lawn. That’s the smug bit. I feel like I’ve achieved a lot. 😉

Here’s the finished room. I love the Mellow Mocha colour on the bottom.

And finally. Have you ever seen a dog that looked more innocent in the face of clear and obvious fault?!
And yes, we did end up clearing up painty paw prints everywhere!

8 thoughts on “A new obsession – and a smug feeling

  1. Hey, the room look s great! You have been a busy beaver these last few weeks. We have a curious cat who gets into the paint (or whatever we are working on) also – more than a few painted paw prints on things around the house. 🙂


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