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A round up of Sunday…

I’ve mentioned before my troubles in getting shoes that work with my previously broken ankle… Although its baking hot for the UK at the moment, Mum and I reckoned that due to the heat, there would be hardly anyone at Clarks Village (a retail outlet centre) in Street if we popped over early on Sunday morning. So, we abandoned the decorating and headed off there. We were right, it was virtually empty. Our reason for going was I’m going to Poland in 10 days or a week, 4 days in the mountains and then we’re spending three days sightseeing in Krakow; my walking sandals have died, it’ll be warm, I need my feet to be comfortable, and my Birkenstocks are frankly clapped out!

After a detour through The White Stuff where my very slim mother bought an entire new wardrobe (or so it seemed!) we hit the Clarks outlet. There was nothing there suitable for my needs, which was really disappointing. We headed over to the Ecco concession where we had more luck! I got these fabby walking sandals with moveable straps to heel, and both of those over the foot:
They are very comfy, but better than that the straps are round my heel and my foot; they are worn very low, so don’t cause any issue with my ankle.

My Mum very kindly then bought me these blue ones, for days when sauntering & sitting are planned!

I was really happy with my haul and after we’d checked out a few other shops and I’d bought a friend a birthday gift and we’d stopped for coffee, I asked Mum if she minded if I went into the Clarks full price concession on our way back to the car because I wanted to check the cost of buying a pair of nude coloured brogues, like my black ones, for wearing with lighter coloured clothes in the autumn and spring. I saw a pair I liked three months ago, but didn’t note the price and I wanted to come back and get them toward the end of August. Mum didn’t mind, so we went in, to discover a sale on. And there were the shoes I wanted, just one pair, on the sale rail… And they were MY size!!! I had to buy them:
They were £25 which I think is a great price; I know that they’re going to pick up every last mark but hey, they are LOVELY. Suede and patent leather.

This absolutely made my day, and then I found a pair of Birkenstock style sandals for £5!!!!
I don’t think I have ever bought four pairs of shoes in one go before. I certainly don’t need anymore!

We finally made our way home and did a lot more decorating in her sitting room. Although the temperature wasn’t hotter, it felt hotter for some reason. Lucy was banned from the painting room! One mystery was however resolved… Mum keeps finding a dirty mark on her dining room windowsill and hadn’t been able to work out what she was doing to cause the mark…
Yes, that is a loop of fairy lights she’s looking over. They have been repositioned higher now we know what she’s up to!

In the evening, I did my CAL in the garden. I have one row left 😄 photos later.

8 thoughts on “A round up of Sunday…

  1. Do you know that you’ve bought more shoes on 1 shopping trip than I actually own 😀

    I have said on numerous occasions that I’m surprised I haven’t been expelled from the sisterhood because I really don’t like shoe shopping, clothes shopping ….. well any sort of non-garden/non-craft shopping really 😉

    I do like the blue sandals though, with the pretty flower on the toes.


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