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The weather continues warm…

Those of you not in Britain are probably silently (or not so silently) guffawing at those of us who are melting in 28c! Don’t mock, it’s forecast to be 31c on Monday… I am trying not to complain; I’m loving the summer, loving being able to use my garden til 10pm, loving there’s a faintly holiday atmosphere, even at work. However, I don’t like feeling hot and sticky, and that’s a fact of life at the mo…

With that little whinge out the way, here are the things that have made me happy today:

What I thought were the pollination flowers on my courgette plant have turned out to be a actual courgettes!!!

The dog paddling pool continues to be a big hit!

We’ve put the wardrobe back in the little bedroom and hung the lampshade and curtains:

I hoed my petunias in the front garden tonight; here are a few! They’re so pretty:

The bamboo cotton yarn is a dream to knit with:

And Mollie is as pretty as ever!

Sleep well everyone!

16 thoughts on “The weather continues warm…

    • It seems to me that it’s keeping it achievable and not trying to do too much or creating something that becomes a burden. But I think I’d like go grow squash, particularly butternut! And rocket!


      • Oddly enough I’ve always found Butternut quite difficult to grow BUT Cobnut which looks just like Butternut, I can grow really well 🙂 We love rocket – I have some plants which went to seed earlier this season and I’m about to harvest the seed pods to grow more.


  1. hey, it sounds like another good summer day in Mollie land. The room looks better with every chart – is that a print of a Kennedy portrait you have hung in there? what’s the story behind that? It’s one of my favorites of him.


  2. Courgettes are highly prolific. You’ll be sick of them come September! Each year I plan on planting only one or two but this year, again, I have four plants.
    Loving your petunias and tunic. You curtains would look extra lovely if you ironed out the creases…..;)


    • True but they are also dead easy to freeze if chopped into 1 inch chunks, fried in butter for a minute, making sure each chunk is coated, then allowed to cool before being placed in freezer bags. They can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 to 4 months like this and can be cooked from frozen and used in pasta sauces, soups, stews etc through the Autumn/Winter.


      • I would LOVE to think I’m likely to do this but… We only have one plant so I reckon that as I like them raw in salad and I often make and freeze ratatouille that I’ll be ok.


      • Lol, I iron on a need to wear basis, except for the school uniforms.:)

        Wish me luck and patience for tomorrow as I am going to start teaching the Mudlets how to knit – well attempt to. They’ve been asking for ages and so I’ve dug out the left over wool from the 2 baby jackets and a pair of smallish needles each from my vast collection and I’ll start with garter stitch tomorrow. I must be mad!


      • Oh wow! That is so great! My top tip for keeping them interested is a really nice feeling yarn and some nice needles. My nephew (who is a cracking little knitter) happily knits away with a bit of Noro but complains about acrylic 😉


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