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CAL – week 8

Really enjoyed the CAL this week, though I didn’t get to it until late yesterday afternoon.





I can’t seem to take a photo with the true colours – the bobble rows are purple!

15 thoughts on “CAL – week 8

    • No, don’t! I’m really not that competent, in fact I’m the ultimate bodge it up crocheter. I just believe I can do it and that seems to carry me through! I think you’re seeing the colours more than anything. It is a very easy pattern. If you can do a basic crochet stitch you could do this.


    • No, your tea cosy is FAB! The pattern is none of my doing, I’m just following instructions – and my crochet skills are competent at best!! I think this just proves anyone can do it!


    • Thank you. I’m loving doing it alongside other people. I really like the colours too; I chose them with my 8 year old niece in mind. So a fair bit of pink to keep her happy, but not too much!


  1. It looks great – this was a good week, wasn’t it? You are right that it is not as hard or complicated as it looks, and that Hannah deserves tons of credit for that. She is doing a wonderful job with the pattern design and with the tutorials to get us through it.


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