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A short break

I’m taking a short break from blogging as my husband and I are off to Poland for 8 days. Mollie is already with my Mum and Lucy, the rabbit are going off to their holiday home (the local rabbit rescue where Flora came from – the husband does volunteer driving for them occasionally) later this afternoon and we’re off at the crack of dawn tomorrow!

We’re off to a town in the Carpathian mountains from Thursday until Monday, then we’re spending Monday to Thursday next week in Krakow. I’m really excited to be going, the town in the mountains is a town renowned for its healing and recuperative air for people with respiratory conditions. And as an asthmatic, I am looking forward to it after the muggy weather here!

We’ve had a Polish lesson and I have written down all the useful phrases I might need, including ‘I’m a vegetarian with a nut allergy’… The Polish woman giving us lessons said I would probably end up living on salad, which is no hardship in this weather!

I’ve packed cotton clothes as the weather is due to be hot. Hopefully it won’t be humid as well, though the weather forecast as it is due to be 34C in Krakow on Monday. I may melt.

I don’t know if I’ll have a wifi connection; if I do, I will post some photos, otherwise, see you all when I’m back! x

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