Expecting guests…

D and I don’t have many people to stay; my family mainly live locally, and when his sons visit, they tend to come one at a time. However, this weekend for the first time since 2005, we need both our spare bedrooms in use as bedrooms.

We live in a 1980’s shoebox and the rooms are very small to start with (readers from outside the UK, I’m talking about rooms that are 11ft by 8ft and a little larger). So, not large. Add to this the fact that the smallest bedroom (the now ‘pink’ room) is my space, where I keep clothes, shoes, bags and MY STASH… Until we decorated, you could just about walk in and turn around it was that full! The back bedroom is where the ironing basket hangs out, along with suitcases waiting to be put away, our printer, our boxes of paperwork etc.

Our guests are two cousins; the 17 & a half year old daughter of the German friends we went to Poland with, and their 16 year old niece. Until the decorating spree and the purchase of the futon, our spare bed was a small sofa bed, which I doubt they’d want to share for a week!

This week I’ve been sorting out the rooms, turning them into bedrooms, which included moving the boxes containing my stash into the larger green room. A major spanner was chucked into the works a few days ago when D’s eldest son unexpectedly invited himself to visit for a night on Saturday… I’ll be in London with the girls and won’t be back til Sunday evening, but I had hoped to leave the bedrooms ready for them… I bit back the stepmother rant I could feel brewing as I do recognise D wants to see his boys, even if some of them don’t remember his birthday, Father’s Day etc. I bent Mollie’s ear on the way to collect Mum from a party and hers all the way back (!) and she kindly offered to pop in on the Sunday when D & his son are out and make up the second bedroom and pretty it up in a way D wouldn’t think of. Which was a relief.

So today I made up the pink room ready for guests:

I like elephants!
The little ceramic turquoise chap came from a shop in Krakow that sold things made by graduates of the Krakow School of Art.

The back bedroom is ready for our one night visitor too. See the stash! The green boxes are paperwork; the yellow ones stationery, the big one bags, the rest is stash!

Here is another view of that room to show how small it is:

It’s got a good view though!

I’ve put the covers on the duvet & pillows for the back bedroom so Mum will just have to put them and the sheet on the bed rather than make it up fully. I’m as prepared as I can be now. All I need to do is work out the menus for next week! So now I’m going to have a little sit down and a bit of a knit. 😄

3 thoughts on “Expecting guests…

  1. Your mum sounds like the sort of mum we could all do with. And look at that, you’ve got it all done, ready for the weekend and you still have time to knit 😉 ….. of course now you have to decide WHAT to knit.


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