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Poland – part 1, Rabka Zdroj

I’ve decided to post my holiday snaps in bite sized chunks!

The first part of our holiday was in Rabka Zdroj in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. I didn’t take many photos there as I was having so much fun!

This was out of our bedroom at the husband and our friend who was having a crafty cigarette…

In the centre of Rabka is an amazing 30 acre park. It is beautiful, full of fountains, different themed gardens, municipal flower beds, children’s play areas, a bandstand and many places to sit down. The husband was fascinated by the Russian war graves memorial (they were all killed in early 1945) and I loved the way the people of Rabka really used their park! Here are some selected pictures:

Children’s ride on horses and animals waiting in front of the bandstand for the children to come along:

Rock garden:

A sculpture. I love it, but don’t know what it means!

Lots of families had hired go carts to drive round the park:

Rabka are very proud of their connection to Pope John Paul II or as they call him Jan Pawel II. He used to holiday here:

And finally my favourite building in Rabka, an old wooden church, now used as a museum:

Next holiday post will be of Krakow.

2 thoughts on “Poland – part 1, Rabka Zdroj

  1. I love the park and the way it’s set up for families and children. Couldn’t have that sort of thing over here: the ride-ons would all get stolen for a start!

    As for the sculpture, was it called ‘Pigeon Toed’ do you think? ๐Ÿ˜€


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