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You’ve cast on what?

Yeah that was me to myself this morning. I have a new project this morning…. Late at night is a bad time for me. I seem to be incapable of resisting the lure of a planned project.

Last night I took one ball of Rowan fine lace in a deep purply grey and two balls of Rowan kid silk haze in very pale grey and cast on Martina Behm’s ’22 Clouds’ on 5mm needles. It’s designed for a DK and I probably have aran weight with the lace & kid silk haze held together, which is why I chose larger needles. I wanted to make something gorgeous and warm for a friend and I can see it’s going to be. As the kidsilk haze can be a bit sticky (in that it sticks to itself) I’ve decided to replace the increase 1 instruction along either side of the central spine with yarn overs & ons for ease. I love this pattern; I love all of her patterns. They’re deceptively simple but so fabulous to knit.

So, here’s my newest project *embarrassed face*

Before you ask, no I haven’t finished the knitted tunic, I’m not even going to think about the WIPs I have designated as ‘hibernating’ on Ravelry, Trillian 2 is coming along nicely (it’s in my bag for my trip to London today) though its not as joyous to knit as the first one. It’s not horrible and I do enjoy it; I still love the pattern and the colour way on the Lang yarn is beautiful. I think it was the slubby nature of the Noro that made it so addictive.

Hey ho. I’m off to London for three days today. Meetings today, then picking the girls up from Heathrow this evening followed by two days of sightseeing. Or knitting in cafes for me 😄😄😄

15 thoughts on “You’ve cast on what?

  1. Lol, what are you like 🙂

    Actually, I’m quite envious. Now I know I have yarn on order and even though I’ve deliberately planned to start my cardigan in September when garden hours decrease because of shorter days, I find my hands almost itching with the need to pick up a set of needles.

    The Trillion is looking beautiful and very cheery. I suspect that having followed the first one immediately with this one, is why it isn’t progressing as fast because I get the impression that you enjoy the challenge of either a brand new pattern or a revisit to a pattern you haven’t done for some time.

    Looking forward to seeing how the new project developes 🙂


  2. I love those colours of your new project. I’m so impatient to receive yarn in the post that I have ordered online, that I physically have to stop myself for clicking on the button that says ‘guaranteed next day delivery – £10.00’. I’ve not found a decent wool shop around here yet. – Probably a good thing.


  3. what a beautiful combination! it’s really nice. And don;t worry abotu the other WIPS, it is how you get all your beautiful things done. Have fun in London at your meeting, and with the girls!


    • Thanks! We’ve been on the go since 8am! I’m having a sit down outside Buckingham Palace; we’ve already done the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Downing St & Horseguards Parade. I’m exhausted! And I have a blister! They seem happy though!

      Claire Hudson 07915 377212


      • wow! If I ever come to London, I will certainly try to get you as my tour guide! Sorry about the blister, though, I hope you have a bandage for it before you have to walk much more.


      • Haha well if you do come to London I’d be delighted! I might wear my hiking boots though rather than comfy regular shoes! Since then we’ve tackled Regents St & Oxford St and while I have a drink and a sit down they’re writing postcards. They are indefatigable. I think I may let them loose on London for a bit!

        Claire Hudson 07915 377212


      • lol, I think you should let them loose – take them to a good shopping district, park yourself and your knitting, and let them go! As for hiking boots – well, I won’t be coming to judge a fashion show, I will be wearing my stereotypical white sneakers (trainers?) because they are supremely comfortable walking on pavement. So everyone will already be judging me. 🙂


      • Oh goodness I don’t give a stuff for things like that! I like clothes & shoes but they HAVE to be comfy. Trainers are good but walking boots give better support round the ankle region (I broke mine a while back)! In the end I did leave them at 1.30 with an agreement to meet back at the hotel at 6.30. In the end I saw them at the hotel at 4! They’re nice girls, I find them quite hard work cos I’m not used to 17 year olds! I have however made a purchase that should cement me forever in my nephew’s good books! A SuperDry sweatshirt! Apparently this brand is THE cool one to wear if you’re 11….

        Claire Hudson 07915 377212


      • You are a great auntie! And you might as well practice on these girls, as your own niece and nephew will get to that age eventually. 🙂 The niece who is staying with us right now is an absolute pleasure to have around, she is so grown up now. We have had a lot of fun, although, I am tired tonight. tomorrow is a big family gathering, then Moday we drive her home. The time has flown.


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