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I’ve lived in London, although not for 15 years, and I travel there for meetings several times a month, but I still love visiting as a tourist, which was what I did this weekend with two teenage girls in tow! We did the sights (I have the blisters to prove it) and had a really fantastic time; they also got to go shopping and giggle at boys, which they like doing and which gives me a chance to sit down and knit or read my new book! I thought I’d share with you a couple of photos I took that I’m really pleased with.

From the Millennium Bridge last night, including Tower Bridge, The Shard and The Globe Theatre:

Looking down on Greenwich Old Naval College today from the observatory and across to (I think) Canary Wharf:

I may also have visited a yarn store… But more of that when I’ve got photos!!

2 thoughts on “London

  1. Ahh London – have lots of memories of living there for 10 year but it was only when we came back for a holiday did I do the touristy things. Saw it in a whole new (more positive) perspective! I guess I saw it as a visitor rather than someone struggling on the tube every day 🙂


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