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A new to me yarn store

This weekend while in London I looked up the closest yarn store to our hotel. It turned out to be I Knit London, which I’ve read about in magazines. So on Saturday afternoon I strolled along and found it to be utterly delightful. Lots of interesting yarns from across the world as well as the UK. The woman staff member on duty was really helpful and knowledgeable, pointing me towards their own brand yarns if I wanted something unique, which of course I did, and recommending lace patterns by the owner, Gerard Ault, when she found out I love lace knitting. I got to sit and knit a little more of Trillian 2 while we talked and then I chose two beautiful shawl patterns and two gorgeous hand dyed skeins:

This skein of loveliness:
Is going to be this pattern:

And this 50% silk, 50% baby camel (baby camel! Who knew you could get yarn from baby camels?!) skein of gorgeousness:
Is intended for this pattern:

The store’s brand is called I Knit or Dye, which I think is great!

I also got two lace pointed circular needles by Addi and a Noro magazine, so all in all a good trip and a shop I would very much recommend anyone visiting who happens to be in Waterloo!

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